Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Rumours are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots

Update... no crime ref, it's an incident ref, and no proof any crime committed.  I have sent this blog to police. Time Andrea stopped all this whining.

I borrowed the heading for this blog. Banal, isn't it?

Right, rapid post, may need to come back in the next day or so and add stuff or edit when I re-read and decide it could have been more elegantly expressed; however, recent events make speed necessary.

I began writing this blog, tongue in cheek, in order to document and refute and, actually, poke fun at some of the strange people who appear to be obsessed with me, and who downright lie about me via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest. I believe it to be truthful and I have evidence to back up what I say where I am specific.

I had hoped a few of the guilty detailed in this blog might get the message that they are making prize fools of themselves, but alas, some people have not the ability to search their own hearts and realise how silly they come across as.

A great deal of it, sadly, so far has been taken up with one person, and I had hoped I would not need to document her further, as clearly she thrives on the attention. However, I need, yet again, to refute some of the stinky stuff.

I hope she sends it to her local police force in order to lie again I am stalking her after she posted her most recent blog, and tweeting it and getting it retweeted.  And so yes I read it, no I didn't get the link from reading her actually, quite dull tweets, yes I had to laugh yet again. Nintards? How old are you Andrea? Fourteen?

My local police force is aware of some of the nonsense spread about me and also aware of the evidence I can provide to refute it. I haven't pushed it but I have placed stuff on record, in case the situation escalated. I have received help and sound advice from them.

I've even offered police my computer and my phone records if they need them, to refute the lies some tell that I make malicious calls and have numerous Twitter accounts with which to stalk people etc etc. They laughed. Said they had enough to do seeking actual criminals.

Now I'm not pretending I've never said a few things I possibly shouldn't, but hey who hasn't? I don't have the patience of a saint, and I do at times respond to stuff aimed at me. Yes I can be provocative maybe, and I can poke fun at folk, but nothing really too dreadful.

But I can hand on heart say it's NOTHING compared with the daily crap spread about me and posted day in, day out to my Twitter account and elsewhere. Foul mouthed, crazy and obsessed stuff, showing the worst of humanity. Maybe I will blog about it all another day, with samples.

It does make me wonder what sort of weird lives some people lead, and what goes in in the minds of some doesn't bear too much scrutiny. (Un)social media is their stamping ground, and I wonder if they have the same lack of social skills in real life as so many people display on Twitter.

And I can point a finger at small number of people who wind up a faithful army of the not-too-bright and the plain malicious, by spreading their bullshit and playing victim to them. Grown adults even have alternative names for me, slug is a favourite, middle aged men and women calling me slug day in, day out, imagine. Sidesplitting, hey?

Now let's begin with some truth. If you tweet, post on a public Facebook Page, blog and put it on the internet (especially with my name or Twitter name in the search tags) that's not the same as a private conversation or phone call. It's out there, in public. If stuff is written about me, either directly naming me or indirect reference but obviously about me, and I read it, and even respond to it, to laugh at it, to refute the lies, it's not actually stalking. I checked with police. Don't want stuff read, don't put it on the internet.

If other people read it and send me links, having decided the rubbish written is about me, see previous para, that's also not stalking.

If someone posts stuff on Twitter on a public hashtag and I respond, politely and with no abusive language, that's not harassment. Interaction is what social media is about. If you don't wish to read my tweets, then block me, and don't reply.  But if my tweets are not abuse, or lies, even though you don't like the truth they contain,  then don't maliciously report me to Twitter in order to try to have me suspended.  It makes you look pathetic and spiteful.

This is particularly so if you are quite happy to have vile troll accounts be really abusive about me, and feed them, interact, send them lies about me,  and wind them up with your whining and drama queen antics.

OK, preamble over.

My @NemesisRepublic Twitter account, with well over 4000 followers, is currently suspended from Twitter.

I have  received a number of kind messages re my suspension, and thanks all, I am just sitting it out until Twitter deals with my appeal ticket. Sad, as some of what I tweet is animal rescue stuff, in the hope of finding new homes for abandoned dogs and cats, and raising funds for same, but clearly, hugging themselves with childish glee at my suspension is more important to some.  Hey ho.

Now from reading tweets and and some crowing from at least one silly woman, I gather a couple of people have reported me for some reason or another.  I know as apparently they have been whining that tickets took a long time for Twitter to respond.

Who has been reporting me in the hope of having me suspended?  Sheryl McNaught and Lady Andrea da Silva Goncalves Fox, I have some reason to believe. If I am wrong, the comment box is available to you. Just post your proof.

Sad Sheryl must spend all her time writing report tickets in order to carry on with her vendetta:

The entire reporting process is bizarre, and I think possibly automated, the appeal system takes forever. I daily get the sort of abuse that these people wind others up to post by spreading their lies about me. However, each to her own.

If thriving on hate is your thing, then so be it. (I note Sheryl has been winding up the faithful again over the past couple of days with outright lies about me again. She's clearly got some problems she needs to have help resolving.)

The fact Andrea's ticket possibly got looked at after Sheryl's serial tickets, and I was already suspended, doesn't mean she didn't try, and she has tried previously. I gather she tweeted she had a reply saying the 'problem' had already been resolved, which is what Twitter says in these circumstances.

I know she has attempted to have my Twitter account suspended in the past, when Twitter didn't oblige she tried this: lying nonsense, clearly designed to wind people up and to mass block and report me (actually also I blocked her and she was sending me DMs way past November, so proof she's a liar):

Really, this woman needs to get a grip.

The more I read from her, the more I agree with this:

If she is now claiming  her ticket wasn't connected with me, as she's getting some sh*t about it, that's between her and her conscience.

Andrea is claiming that 'useful idiots' are campaigning to have her banned from Twitter. Well, up to them, I've seen no such campaign. She's really not that important in most people's lives, I suspect.

(She's also now claiming, I gather, she's been to police about me. I look forward to hearing from them, I can robustly defend myself from her allegations and I doubt the CPS will wish to waste cash in pursuing it.)

And one person, @Alixir13 on Twitter, has been watching some of what has been happening with the BS surrounding me, the pitiful bunch of people who seem to have me at the forefront of their minds 24 /7, and has been documenting it and challenging a few of them.

I don't know her in real life, I certainly do not have any control over her tweets or actions; however, apparently Andrea has taken it into her head she is one of an army of trolls she claims I have at my disposal to harass her.

This is entirely untrue and I have no control over anyone, but in Andrea's alternative world, I suppose fantasy and reality at times become difficult to differentiate.

So where are we now?

Andrea has taken exception, it seems, to @Alixir13 championing my cause and recording tweets in Storify and wryly pointing out a few home truths.

Andrea has written another blogpost.

No she doesn't name me, she's too cowardly, she refers to me as her 'stalker'.  I think she actually believes this rubbish.

Remember, this is the woman whose bizarreness extended to claiming I had stalked her and posted her address and phone number somewhere on the WWW, and she had to move home she was so scared of me.

The fact is, I did no such thing (don't have her address and phone number) though she has done it to me and another person:, here it is...

And yeah, I'm sooo scary. I mean, mad axeman stuff, in Andrea's vivid imagination? The fact I wouldn't hurt a fly also has bypassed Andrea I presume.

So, a few specifics.

I once screenshotted something where she was lying and foaming and winding someone up about me, and the shot included her avatar with TINY pic of her kid in it and put it, for a short time, face unblanked, on my Twitpics. ( It wasn't on my blog, I always blank his face here no matter how tiny). Apparently that made me some sort of pervert. As soon as I realised I had not blanked I removed (a matter of hours?). The main point was to record the rubbish Andrea was writing about me again.

And lo it has come to pass, that this week, @Alixir13 fell foul of Andrea's uncontrolled inability to have anyone point and laugh at her. Here she is...  so much in one small tweet, all very revealing.

So,  Andrea on Groundhog Day, calling this person a 'nutjob' and making a huge furore over a tiny pic of her son being posted, which no-one would have even noticed if Andrea hadn't made such a juvenile fuss.

She's fumed and foamed on her blog too, as though said person had deliberately posted a pic of kid with some nasty comment.

Reality check: Andrea's very public Twitter page had screenshot taken in order to evidence something. This is actually what police suggested I did too, to record evidence.

And on that Twitter page, Andrea has her photos, on the left, as we all do. The fact there is, tiny, tiny, a photo of a child, apparently Andrea's, and he was included in a screenshot has Andrea popping and fizzing and asking why his face wasn't blanked out.

Er...  but it's there Andrea, in public, on your Twitter page. It was a screenshot of your own, very public, Twitter page.

Ok, I've part blanked it, to avoid further accusations I'm some sort of pervert,  though it's so tiny its clear she's manufacturing a fuss, for reasons of her own. Drama queen? Attention seeker?

As with the one time I inadvertently did this also, it's not evidence of child abuse, paedophilic tendencies, harassment or anything else. It's simply recording what  Andrea's PUBLIC twitter page has on it.

She's even pulled in the anti-Semite smear again in her blog. The 'pig' ref Andrea, by @Alixir13, I'm sure she knows but again is trying to muddy the waters, is here. I doubt the person quoting it has any idea of her claimed Jewish ancestry. I'd stop the anti-Semitism smears now, Andrea, it's devaluing real and unacceptable anti-Semitism. Neither of us are anti-Semites. You'd have a hard time defending that one in a libel court.

Actually, from what I have experienced from Andrea, and those she has encouraged to troll me and the lies she's told, that seems quite mild. The Trent Reznor stuff did her no favours and it's odd how many appear to know about it, but that's her affair, not mine.

Calling people nutjobs, nutters, stalkers, psychos, retards, perverts, claiming I egg people on and all the rest says a great deal about Andrea, and none of it reflects well on her. It's called ableism.

I know Andrea reads this. So, some simple advice.

It's time you stopped the nonsense Andrea, it's making you look very foolish indeed, spiteful, vicious and vindictive, attention seeking, harbouring massive amounts of old fashioned butthurt. It may give you some small sense of self-importance, it may be bringing you few like-minded hangers on who actually believe you, but sensible people simply see you for what you are.

As Ewok said a considerable time ago (and no, I'm not Ewok, another lie on your blog):

Andrea, what comes over  from your blogging and tweeting and all the rest is an angry, disturbed woman, so not at peace with herself and the world, who could possibly do with some counselling and help. Sadly, I doubt you will seek it, and will carry on with this nonsense.

Your choice.



  1. Nemesisさん! I hope you get your account back soon, Twitter is a more boring place without you.

  2. Thanks. I have a ticket in, but considering the massive over reporting from Sheryl and co, who knows?

  3. Pfffff, it's not hard to prove their reports as baseless, and considering some were likely using sockpuppets to report, I suspect the case, when Twitter comes to examine it will be short, sharp and painful. To them.