Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Uber butthurt

Oh dear. Now that Ambrosine Shitrit (Chetrit) and Sheryl McNaught have been suspended on multiple accounts for many violations of Twitter rules (including targeted abuse and harassment, I know as I have the mails from Twitter saying so...) the lies continue via their YadBYADUK account. Of course they should not have that account either under Twitter rules, but they are too dumb to keep their heads down, and continue to shit stir and troll.

Far left? Really?  Who are these people then?  How can you file a false report to Twitter? You have to send links to abusive tweets. I did, many of them. So have others I'm sure.

Golly. Is there?  If this is me, nothing malicious about my blog, I just publish the unvarnished truth :0) Want me to post the emails from Twitter Support again? Perhaps I need to tell Twitter support you are lying about them also?

Really, the desperation is laughable.

I gather Andrea needs a bit of butthurt cream too, I wonder why she deleted her nasty tweet at the weekend about a certain org and certain person's blog then another vile tweet about that person yesterday after it was tweeted at Tower Hamlets police? Thanks goodness for screenshots eh Andrea?

Aw bless!  You made all your own problems the lot of you. Playing victim still?  Forgotten all the vileness, the abuse, the lies, the trolling, the fake accounts, the troll accounts?  The winding up others to troll for you?

I'm sure the  damage limitation attempts will be read by police. I gather other emails have been sent? I see your pals at Yad  tweeting your photo outside the police station, the one taken last year (pre the vampire face lift) where you went to show police how to tweet four letter words or some such to liven up their tweets. I'm sure police will have been thrilled to find how calling people c*nts and telling them to f*ck off will make them more popular on Twitter!

It's all quite unsophisticated stuff isn't it?

Oh yes such a hard time.  HAHAHAHAHA!




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