Monday, 9 June 2014

George Milnes, still obsessed.

George, clearly you care enough to keep whining about me on Twitter.   Thanks for reading!

Ahahahaha! George is having a hissy fit. Thanks George. You never fail to take the bait! I really, really am not interested George... stick with Sheryl, Ambro and Andrea. They love the attention of young lads apparently.

Obsessed much with me? Get a grip.  It also seems your pals Sheryl and Ambro care they keep being suspended from Twitter for abuse and cyberbullying. They keep whining too :0)

It's particularly amusing that they claim to run a so called 'org' which was supposed to help people being harassed and abused. Whoops!

Slugfest?  How immature. Harassment? Only people doing the harassing are Ambro and pals, as far as I can see. Stealth reports?  LOOOOOOL. No, not important,  really not.

Good heavens... you have had another account suspended? How many is that then?  You really must stop harassing people.  I've lost count of how many accounts Yad and its staff have had suspended. Yad should not be tweeting at all of course, with both its 'founders' and with several Yad accounts suspended :0)

Falls off chair laughing. This is the woman suspended on numerous accounts for bullying / harassment? Many tagged posts reported to Twitter as abuse?  She shouldn't be tweeting at all, as it's against Twitter rules.

 Had any cosy chats with Andrea on locked recently, George?  Some kind person sent me screenshots of those, for teh lulz. Obsessed much both of you? Shall I post them here?  Quite sad.

Andrea's not too popular with her local police either I gather. Oh dear.

It's a shame you don't know when you are being used, you end up the fall guy, wound up to be abusive by a bunch of middle aged women who then stand back and laugh at you.  Police aware of all this too.

Maybe George, you are still butthurt from being arrested and all the family computers seized? Bet that went down well.

Police let you go, they felt sorry for you. Not a pot to piss in was what they said. They said other things too. But having met you, they also said you were quite pathetic, a 'keyboard warrior' and not the far right hardman you liked to claim. Remember those silly calls you made to me? Very juvenile. Your pal (and Ambro's pal, of course) Sunexiles is now the farcical @EnglandsTerrier  #Bluehand Dave isn't he?

I'll pass on your continuing obsession to police, just to have on record. They now know where you live, thanks to some kind people who grassed you up.  Seems not all who know you like you and your particular brand of juvenile hate and delinquency.

You also fell for the nice guy act from CID?

Still not got a job George? You did seem to go through a number of them.

So, the Linux technician didn't work out, along with all the previous, you got sacked?

Do employers eventually find out what an immature  racist cyberbully you are? Bet UKIP is proud of your support :0)  You used to support the EDL and Casuals. Just  the UKIP type, eh?

Have a nice day George.  Find a hobby, a girlfriend, a job, move out into a place of your own, get a life. Move on.



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