Saturday, 7 June 2014

Buying followers on Twitter, only saddos do that?

There is something deeply sad and desperate  that some people feel the need to inflate their followers count by 'buying' them. It's easy to spot... jumping several thou followers overnight, load of egg accounts tweeting in foreign languages, tweeting nonsense... no interaction...

Along with making new Twitter accounts while suspended, it's against Twitter rules too.

Still, the 'eggs' possibly make more sense than some of those who buy their services.

It's clear one person in particular is very rattled she's lost her Twitter account she's has since 2008,  for targeted abuse and harassment, cyberbullying in fact, and knows she's now tweeting against Twitter rules. She's making even less sense than usual.  Communicating in grammatical, coherent English isn't her strong point is it?

Of course she shouldn't be tweeting on her other account either, that supposed org which is supposed to help those apparently harassed.  You have to laugh.

Whoops. Two of its founders suspended from Twitter for bullying, targeted abuse and harassment? Numerous accounts suspended?




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