Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Sheryl McNaught... off she pops again

I was forwarded an email from Twitter support this afternoon.

So off  pops Sheryl McNaught again.  Bullying and abusive behaviour? Oh my!

No doubt frothing and many conspiracy theories will ensue... truth is, she's a nasty bully.  Eventually, it catches up with people.

And of course making several new accounts while suspended by Twitter is against Twitter rules.

You have to laugh really. See this blog passim...  and the fact Sheryl is a founder and keen poster on the @YadbyAdUK twitter account? WHOOPS!



A small sample.  I have so much more. Police also have a great deal more. Sad Sheryl.


I hear other abusers have been reported to Twitter. Look forward to hearing of the outcome soon.

BTW I see Ambrosine continues her slug smear about me. Mmmmm. She does leave such a slime trail doesn't she?

I wonder if @69quietgirl approves of this misappropriation of her tweet?

There again. she's a UKIP supporter (as is Ambrosine...) and a new found pal of Andrea (sucky  sucky... she's so desperate for new followers...)  so possibly does enjoy a spot of trolling.




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