Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Busy old bat, Ambrosine?

Really? Sexist and ageist and still obsessed?  And Mrs Shitrit still Tweeting despite being suspended on multiple accounts for abuse, targeted harassment and other violations of Twitter rules?  Tut. Possibly Twitter needs to be updated.

Talking of which, this is the supposed anti-harassment 'org' she runs, and which shouldn't be tweeting either as both its 'tweeters' (Ambrosine and Sheryl) are suspended from Twitter. This is Ambrosine, you can tell as the sentence construction  makes communicating meaning difficult.

 Who is she kidding?  Tagging? Does she mean on Twitter? Try the block button then.

Serious reports? Smears? Like the fact two of your 'staff' are suspended on Twitter and the third is a nasty cyberbully and foul mouthed abuser?


Malicious communications are only actionable if malicious. Trying  to get the CPS to act and prosecute without a very strong case is extremely difficult.  Wasting police time is an offence :0)

Writing truth, backed up with screenshots, and giving genuine opinion is not malicious.  No-one is forcing anyone to read a blog :0)

Yes I have terrible stories of a couple of women who have targeted and harassed people for years on Twitter, and finally have been suspended.

There are others, pals of Yad and its 'staff',  who possibly should be?


As for religion:

 One of any number where it's clear Ambrosine and associates don't like Muslims.

Steps in place?   Has YadByYadUK registered with the Information Commissioner's Office yet re the requirement of the Data Protection Act? It sounds to me like data is being collected. People have a right to know what is being held on them.

As for this:

Really? Thankfully mine aren't malicious, just truth as told in your own screenshots (I have so many more... ) and opinion.

Ambrosine is sounding a little like an empty vessel, yes?

 Really?  Does the ICO know you have been collecting info on people then?  It all smells of fish to me, Ambrosine.

There is a 'malicious and vindictive... obsessed sociopath'  who writes a blog about me.  She also writes foul mouthed Storifies.  Is she feeling butthurt?




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