Wednesday, 18 June 2014


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Really? I thought your 'staff' (staff? Trolling on Twitter is a job?)  Ambrosine Shitrit (Chetrit) and Sheryl McNaught had been suspended on multiple Twitter accounts for abuse and harassment? It's hardly smearing you to state what is true, as I do on this blog. Also, once suspended you both made several new accounts (serially suspended, though some are still active for the moment) which again is against Twitter rules and cause for permanent suspension. No doubt Twitter will catch up eventually.

Ambrosine additionally has been making fake accounts including 'clones' of others over a long period of time, to cyberbully.  See this blog, passim. 

How many accounts have the YadBYadUK 'staff'  had suspended, as themselves, in other names, and variants of YadBYadUK?  Quite a number.  How many new email addresses have they made,  both in their own names and possibly even pretending to be someone else in the probably vain hope Twitter won't suspend on that one?

I'm sure there is an explanation why Ambrosine  made a Twitter account using the gmail address Jason Schumann?* (See below...)

'We' ie Yad BYAdUK are not fixing anything. Ambrosine, Sheryl  (and sidekick Pottymouth Nilli)
are part of the Twitter problem of harassment and bullying and hate.

All manner of hate crime is carried out on social media. Ask Ambrosine and Sheryl, they are happy to tweet and joke with perpetrators.

Yes I can give numerous examples.

George Milnes, whose anti-Muslim hate neither of them said a peep about, but encouraged him in his stupidity and harassment of myself and others? It was all monitored by police on Twitter for a considerable period of time.  I have a rather fine set of screenshots sent to me of Andrea Silva Urban Fox having a cosy chat with George only very recently, when she thought no-one was watching. My they are both really butthurt  about me, yes?

Oh look here's George being  anti-Semitic too. Muslim Curry Bum was his Twitter account also.  All round hater in fact?

Now, where are all those screenshots of Ambrosine's dear pal @WeAreTheBrits previously known as @WeAreTheBritish and his Hitler worship, his 14/88 White Supremacism Youtube comments, his racism, his threats to behead Muslims in Birmingham and pour petrol down their throats? I need to fish them out. This is one of the least offensive.

Hmmm.  (Maybe I should transcribe these, they are a tad small...)   here is something for which surely Ambrosine should be shopping him to the law?  Police do still want a word with WATB.

Racial Purity for the UK? SMASH chocolate England? 14/88?  That's what it says.

Then there's her pal who runs the #Bluehand troll account.  Wooo.

Who can take these women seriously as supposedly 'staffing' an anti-hate org?  I have so much more, but that's a flavour.

I gather also Ambrosine and mates have been smearing and stirring again today, and this has been reported to police. Interesting.

Bless. Don't see anything threatening really here.  It's just telling it like it is. Stop smearing and stirring is the solution.  Every action has a reaction and all that

And oh look here's proven liar and bully Sheryl McNaught shitstirring and again, as with Ambro and mates today claiming a Twitter user is behind an account he is not, trying to suggest their pal WATB was the same person who wrote the blog linked to above, *Jason Schumann, and I (Doris is one of the pitiful juvenile names she used to use to try to avoid using mine, though Twitter is now wise to these bullying tricks too) knew all about it. Bullshit, on both counts.


Nem xxx

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