Thursday, 5 June 2014

Another day, another suspension and further fuming.

Ambrosine Shitrit is still fuming and frothing and abusing me by name on Twitter.

I see Sheryl has been suspended from Twitter yet again. It isn't me constantly reporting her for breaking Twitter Terms of Service, though she was yesterday naming me and being abusive along with a pal of hers.  Possibly Twitter is monitoring her for each new account? I don't know. Once suspended for abuse that's it, you aren't allowed back on Twitter. Not even with a new account.

No doubt Ambrosine will vanish again soon, once Twitter catches up with her new account.

Neither should be tweeting at all, nor on YadbyadUK.

Ambrosine is also making claims about Sheryl being partially sighted and that because I blog her abuse of me I am sick. It's all in her own words, all I do is link with my own commentary. I try to put right the lies told about me, I record the obsessions. It was police first suggested this to me.

Her eyesight doesn't seem to stop Sheryl tweeting, reading tweets, presumably this blog,  and abusing me. So I don't understand the point of that.

My eyesight isn't great either. I don't make a biggie out of it.

I have years' worth  of screenshots, many I haven't published.

Making screenshots isn't illegal either, though I could simply link to tweets using Storify I choose to blog.  As Ambrosine and Sheryl both make shots of my tweets I don't see the problem.

I see Ambrosine is also claiming she's sent stuff to lawyers re harassment? I don't contact her in any way and if she chooses to read my blog  that's up to her. So how is this harassment?

She intimates she has sent stuff in the past and she 'hopes they act this time'?  Is she instructing lawyers?  Does she understand how they work? I suggest she saves her money. Though she does also say she doesn't 'give a flying jig' (sic) so why is she sending to lawyers? Sounds fishy to me.

News to me she contacted lawyers in the past, but she needs to remember all the lies and foul stuff she has said about me over the years and I'll happily make any lawyer contacting me aware of her behaviour and that of her troll pals.

I could have sued her and Sheryl many times over for libel.  I chose instead to blog about them

Send this to lawyers.  I will also send to my local police, who are aware of the harassment I have endured at the hands of yourselves and your pals.

Remember all those fake accounts you made of me Ambro? I do.

Have a nice day.




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