Friday, 27 June 2014

Happy Families! Sheryl and Andrea

Mr Bun the Baker,  Mrs Sheryl the Fool, Ms Andrea the Fraud?

A game for juveniles?

I see Sheryl is busy making a prize fool of herself on the comments section of a website, libeling me and another person.  It's news to me I'm a 'virulent jewhater' and nor is Alison but in Sheryl's addled brain etc etc...

She's not making YadByAdUK look too good!  In fact she's making them look the bullies they are.

And it's a  family affair is seems. Her daughter Hailey Campbell who apparently graces Alness Academy according to her posting 'handle'  has decided to post semi-literate, defamatory and very silly comments about me. Not once but twice!  Doh!

I'm a jolly person with a higher degree, quite, quite sane,  and I have a lovely life thanks Hailey, which it appears you and Sheryl maybe don't. I'm not too sure Sheryl should have been allowed near kids either if this is the result, but hey :0)

It's wonderful winding 'em up then watching the loons crawl out of the woodwork to show themselves up. They really should read site rules before posting abuse.

Sheryl's daughter Chaela (Michaela) McNaught also used to abuse me and others on Twitter.  Chaela had a nice line in lies. Like mother like daughter? She claimed she worked for the Benefits' Agency in Scotland. One tweet she claimed she had 'investigated' me for fraud. Given that I don't live in Scotland and have not been in receipt of benefits and  therefore have never defrauded the Agency that was a typical lie from a member of the McNaught clan.  Possibly she's never done an honest day's work in her life, who knows?

It seems it runs in the family, this sort of stupidity.

Sheryl denials she and Ambrosine Shitrit  are suspended from Twitter on multiple accounts?


Want me to post the emails from Twitter?

And here's a thing!  Andrea is busy posting abuse about Alison Chabloz on Facebook and elsewhere using a profile of her own SON  to LIKE her own posts?

Isn't he about FOUR? Isn't that against Facebook rules Andrea?   Isn't there an age limit to be on Facebook?   Is he really reading and LIKING those posts himself?  Isn't this just SAD? 

Woo.  Families. 




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