Friday, 27 June 2014

So true Andrea...

I would suggest those who write defamatory letters to people's employers, especially when they pretend to be writing on behalf on an 'org',  in order to try to have them sacked come under that category, wouldn't you?  Golly, what sort of vile saddo would do that sort of thing? Not cool.

Now that smacks of a really sick, twisted and unhappy character.

I hope said 'org' has registered to collect and distribute data by now? Data Protection Act and all that?

Ambrosine Shitrit of YadBYadUK is of course suspended on multiple accounts on Twitter for targeted abuse, cyberbullying  and other violations of Twitter rules, as is her sidekick Sheryl McNaught.  Sheryl appears to be in denial over this. @Sheryl2311 and many other accounts?  Ambrosine too, it wasn't fake reports had the pair of you suspended, it was links to harassing, cyberbullying, lying  tweets from both of you, reported via the Twitter abuse report system.  Twitter responded to myself and others stating you are suspended  and the reasons, and I have the emails from Twitter to prove it.

Same as those who fill in genuine surveys about racism and make stupid comments and encourage their mates to do the same as a spoiler  Of course IP addresses are also known once the form is submitted.  So racism isn't to be taken seriously?

Such maliciousness, on both counts, gets reported to police, I suspect.

I also think those making false claims that a Twitter account  @PreventW is the sock account of someone it isn't and trying to get police complaints made to attempt to have someone arrested isn't very 'cool' either. This isn't the first time.

Especially when that person has made numerous sock accounts of others (including myself) to cyberbully. Yes, Ambrosine Shitrit  Queen of Sockpuppetry :0)  See this blog and many others:

Why did Ambrosine Shitrit register a Twitter account using Jason Schumann's gmail address? That's one of the great mysteries of our time.

Gosh yes, there must be a few VERY unhappy people around, who do this sort of thing.

This is rather sad also, non?

Me, I'm full of joy.  It's fun exposing the hypocrisy of some.  They provide ammunition on a daily basis with which they can shoot themselves in the foot.

Have a lovely day now!




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