Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Someone is upset...

Well, I suppose having  herself and her best pal suspended from Twitter must have really peed off Ambrosine Shitrit.   She's been fuming. Sheryl McNaught has been frothing...  I find it hard to believe how juvenile a pair of middle aged women can be, but there it is.

Is Ambrosine sober? It has to be asked...

Perhaps had I not been suspended  (now remind me who reported me? Were those fake and malicious reports? ) I would have had less time to blog, but every cloud etc. All those lost followers, never to be regained (apart from buying them as usual...) and when Twitter catches up with you Ambro no doubt off you will pop again, along with Sheryl.  And of course all 'associated' accounts should go too. Twitter rules. Yad is perhaps on borrowed time?

Hope you enjoyed my blog Ambro,  you've been busy busy today reading it, I look forward to the podcast and many more people reading it. I like a wide audience!

Perhaps you should read up on the sex life of slugs (really quite exciting... you seem really very obsessed with slugs?) and William Blake.

Education is wonderful thing.




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