Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Guilty conscience Andrea?

'Libertarian' (LOL)  Andrea Silva  aka AndreaUrbanFox,  whose 20 page 'complaint' about me to police was read and dismissed as having no substance whatsoever as actually, I have not committed any 'crime' (though she probably is still lying I am under investigation...) appears not to have any idea of irony.


Hmmm. Someone seems to have a guilty conscience.

Yesterday this was tweeted, with a direct link to one of her abusive, homophobic tweets.

The link doesn't work now as after six months of the tweet being on Twitter, Andrea suddenly decided to delete it once it was brought to the attention of police.  Now why would that be?

Possibly Andrea is now worried she will be following her pal Ambrosine and be suspended from Twitter if she carries on being abusive :0)?


After all she's had one abuse warning hasn't she?

Not to worry, there are screenshots extant of that tweet with the URL. Here's one made yesterday:

Though I also made shots at the time of the vile homophobic and racist abuse, as detailed in this blogpost:


Ugh. Really, Andrea is fond of violence isn't she? Nasty case of foulmouth too. Needs to see a specialist for that.

She's so full of warm charm isn't she? Here's what she wished on journalist @PennyRed Laurie Penny:


Worrying stuff, what goes on in Andrea's head.  Far from normal really.




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