Sunday, 17 August 2014

Thanks Josh! Enjoy! VDissidentZ is a troll!

Yes there's a large archive @VDissidentZ aka so many troll accounts. Police suggested I start this blog., to counter the rubbish you and your pals were putting out about me.

Thanks for reading it! Always something new to add. Thanks too for the admission of your trolling and Andrea's involvement! Feel free to share / publicise as much as you can.

That photo BS?? Long since investigated by police and dismissed as rubbish.   Andrea lying about it all as usual of course.   Loads on this blog Josh, about all that! Have fun!

IP and updates will be passed to police.  How's your pal George Milnes these days dear? Arrested wasn't he? Shucks.

Yeah but you aren't a bully eh Josh? Wanna give me ring? You know my phone number and address... you tweeted it often enough. Andrea happy to do that too.

Tick tock tick tock... still denying you were also @_Newsextra Josh?  Some evidence to show that was also used by Andrea, but hey.




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