Monday, 11 August 2014

Andrea Silva Goncalves making it up again?

I see Andrea Silva has put her crazed, whining, lying, bullying, blog back online.


Her ploy to seek sympathy from her followers by posting a so called cease and desist didn't work. It would of course have helped had it been based on something other than fantasy and had some legal standing, but as with so much Andrea does it was based on bullshit.

I also see this (stalker? Laughable, victim playing, drama queen  rubbish.)

It is an outright lie. ANDREA LIES AGAIN.

I contacted CID to ask how the "investigation" was going as I'd heard not a peep, despite Andrea constantly posting this screenshot.   I was told it had been closed after looking into her 20 pages of bullshit submitted June 2013 as I had done nothing wrong.

CID most certainly did not "have words" with me. The DC I spoke to was far from happy about Andrea however and her claims.

Here's an archive post from June 2013 which is relevant.

I've contacted Bethnal Green CID again and left a voicemail. I will follow up.  I will point out Andrea is continuing to bullshit.

The DC also was far from happy Andrea apparently lied to Twitter, and asked me to ask Twitter to contact him so he could state clearly this was a lie too.  CID most certainly did not get involved in your having me suspended from Twitter.  So clearly you lied to Twitter too Andrea?

I've always blanked  your kid's face in my screenshots of your tweets in my blogs. I also blank yours normally.  Nothing to do with police, it's to prevent your whining. Here's the TRUTH:

If you think you own the copyright of a photo you use as an avatar on Twitter it's not the subject of a criminal investigation  if someone reproduces it as part of a screenshot.  Nothing to do with CID. Submit a DCMA takedown notice and see what happens. In your case nothing at all, probably because the photos were either already blanked or were not your copyright (perjury too, Andrea?). I wasn't even contacted by Google.   

Thanks however, had you not posted that police email I would have been totally unaware and so unable to tell your local police a few home truths about you :0) And thanks for giving me the opportunity to update them and my local police also.

By the way, I didn't contact your local church and I didn't instigate anyone else contacting either.  Another lie. Nor have I contacted any of your friends, though I was abused by your nasty sister on Facebook, encouraged by you on that fake account of your four year old son you made. Using that to bully people? Yuk.

I can't control what other people do, though others you have harassed and bullied possibly took matters into their own hands? Karma?

Also (an update, worth reading)

Old URL:

Lying comes as easily as breathing to you Andrea, eh?  Not very Christian  is it? Not much of a moral compass are you??

Nor are you are whiter than white when it comes to posting photos are you? (Photos and videos taken inside school of other people's children too? No parental permission?)

Here's one example out of several I could cite. How many photos of me and others have you had removed from your blog and Twitter under a DCMA notice? Quite a few. This ancient one of me for example.

Jealous of you? LOL is all I can say. Deluded.

Then there's this (not my copyright  photo, one you keep using belonging to Alison Chabloz)

Though I didn't get this one removed (see blog link) as it isn't my photo or my copyright which you used to abuse a woman, in the belief you thought it was me.  No idea where you got this from.

How many have I had removed?

None. Nil. Zero. 

Andrea loves to play victim.

Going on holiday soon Andrea?  Real life stalking? :0)

Not much love


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