Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sheryl McNaught bullshitting again

Good to see Sheryl admitting she is suspended from Twitter on numerous previous profiles, and so is Ambrosine Shitrit.

Woo an email eh?  Bet it's not from anyone with a clue. 

I'll tell her how I did it, same as Sheryl did to me. Same as I've said on this blog previously. 

I have plenty of screenshots showing she reported me to Twitter! As did Andrea. I have the shots. Here's a sample:

Spamming Bruce Sheryl? Bet he blocked you! 

I appreciate so did Andrea Silva Goncalves. Her lies I was under police investigation are detailed here, and I have called CID and left a voicemail about her further lies on her blog. 


Sheryl and Ambrosine were suspended initially by me sending links to numerous tweets mentioning my name and lying and being abusive.  I can still use my Nem Twitter @ to make abuse reports, and in fact have made several to Twitter since suspension when people were still being abusive, and accounts have been suspended. Look at  Andrea's @GotABoneToPick and I strongly suspect Ambrosine's @DawahBabe :0) (I still can receive tweets using my @) 

I also told Twitter in the reports Ambrosine Shitrit / Chetrit had made accounts to bully me using my name and others which were already suspended, such as @NemesisRepubllc, and also gave details of @nuttyheritage which was still tweeting pretending to be me, spamming, and using #barren tag and #EDL tag. Pathetic really. 

Once suspended you are not supposed to make a new Twitter account, and all associated accounts are supposed to be suspended also.  Ambrosine, Sheryl and Yad should not be using Twitter :0) 

Nor should you have multiple accounts for same or overlapping purposes. Sheryl had three initially and then when suspended went on to make new accounts. Had she sat out an appeal she may have got her account back, though with those multiple accounts possibly not. 

When they made new accounts while suspended against Twitter rules I sent updates to the tickets, as Twitter had requested.  I added new abusive tweets and new profiles.

Sheryl still couldn't resist her bullying even after the warning.


Ambrosine made yet another fake account, in the name of three people including me, didn't she? It's all detailed in previous blogs.

Shitrit and sockpuppetry. Hmmm.

I wasn't the only one reporting of course, as I'm not the only person being abused, but Twitter decided, not me, to suspend the pair of them. Nothing to do with spam attacks, just solid abuse reporting Ambro, with URLS of many tweets. 

Break Twitter rules as much as those two did and Twitter can and did suspend.

So Sheryl, whatever mad conspiracy theory you are concocting, that's the truth.

The initial report where Ambrosine made tweet after tweet throughout 2013 to me using my @ lying I had a police caution I also sent to police to have on record. No they didn't get involved with Twitter. 

So Sheryl, stop whining. You got caught bullying and harassing me (and others) and yes it's embarrassing for two people supposedly running an anti-bullying org isn't it?

I would have reported Yad "staff member" number three but she protected her tweets so I didn't get the URLS. I did however send her abuse to police, to have on record. It's not pretty is it? Nilli Willis, former porn actress apparently.

By the way Feryl, comments are open but I screen them first. Anonymous abusive spam comments, especially lying ones, just get deleted.

Having my account suspended has given me so much more time to collect URLS, make reports and blog. :0) 

Yep, biter bit eh Sheryl? 

I've got a collection of URLS from Andrea too...  I'm thinking about a Twitter report, for "shit and giggles". She's already had a warning... 

How's that suspension of @_NewseXtra going Andrea? 

Have a nice day now! 




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