Friday, 15 August 2014

Andrea and Sheryl, trouble in Paradise?

Call me suspicious, but I'm sorta thinking a certain screenshot taken of this blog

and posted by the deeply unpleasant EDL sympathiser Keano (went on an EDL demo by his own admission) and retweeted by Feryl Sheryl McNaught

was taken by Andrea Silva Goncalves and passed to him to tweet. I'm sure Keano doesn't read this blog as regularly as Andrea does (too many long words for Keano of Hyde).  Though it could have been Feryl as she's still subtweeting her obsessive rubbish. Well, I posted screenshots Sheryl.  See blog link. So who was that all about then? Me or someone else? Thanks for reading! I'm pleased to know my audience is so wide :0)  I rarely actually read your tweets,  so it's all rather a waste of your time ranting but remember... that sort of stuff  had you suspended ...

100 tweets eh? Nice round figure there Sheryl! Butthurt eh? Whatever.

 So this wasn't me? Really?

Odd it did sorta sound like it might be :0) I recall you posting a pic of a letter from Twitter claiming I had a warning in 2013.  That memory of yours tsk. It needs looking at, that problem of yours.

Thanks Sheryl, but I don't need your permission to update my blog. I can decide to do that all by myself!

And this is utter rubbish. I used the normal reporting procedure with a ticket and reported umpteen of your tweets naming and abusing me. I have all the emails to Twitter support updating and ticket numbers. I wouldn't have a clue about a block bot app. If you think there is such a thing, try it yourself.  Whoever told you that is either lying or winding you up, and you are gullible enough to believe it. It was after your pal Andrea had my Twitter suspended (after lying about police involvement) I decided it was perhaps time I had those abusing  me suspended... thank  you Twitter. 

From Blockbot:

Aw Sheryl, have you really nothing better to do than tweet this rubbish? What a sad, lonely empty life you must have.  It's really starting to look obsessive again Sheryl, I need to report you to Twitter again?

Keano. Such a delight eh? Such wit and intellect!

They have charming playmates haven't they?  Andrea of course has several lapdogs.  They are only too happy to oblige her.

I'm wondering if Twitter knows how many accounts Andrea and Sheryl and Ambrosine are suspended on?  :0) I have a load of URLS I could report and maybe will do when I feel in the mood... I see abuse and bullshit still pinging through to my Nem email from Feryl.

I note Andrea is still blaming me for contacting the bishop and the vicar.

I didn't. Nope, not me. Not instigated by me either.

Though Andrea I have contacted police about you pointing out how you are lying they have 'had a word' with me. Reality is I have 'had a word' with police about you.

However, why would Andrea be ashamed if the vicar and the bishop were contacted? She's all sweetness and light and a credit to her religion isn't she?

I also wonder if she knows Alison Chabloz has had an email of apology from @MarkLewisLawyer? Ouch eh Andrea?

There's a wee spat going on.  Playground squabbles or something more?

Excuse typo that should say Alison! 

Er...  also posted on Alison's YouTube channel, along with other abusive comments by someone calling themselves CoolJ?

Tweets weren't actually vile, just tongue in cheek poking fun, but Sheryl is too dumb to appreciate that. Sheryl is the mistress of vile tweets yes?

I have to say, having read said letter and the other comments  it certainly sounded like Ambrosine's writing style. Truth will out eventually no doubt.

 Is Sheryl now trying to cover up for someone? Is she trying to shift the blame? Is she lying (not unusual for Sheryl)? Or is she blissfully unaware of what goes on in the so-called organization she is a founder of and so called 'staff' member?

Golly. The mystery deepens! Andrea  has protected her tweets. Something to hide?  Trouble eh?

Expected more of Sheryl? LOL. Remember that letter worded by police? Sheryl doesn't care Andrea, she's a loudmouth who thinks she's immune.

Maybe some people should also not be malicious and write defamatory letters to employers out of sheer spite?

 Signed Ambrosine Shitrit of YadBYadUK? 

Still no explanation for this though:

It wouldn't be the first time Ambrosine did that. Remember her writing to Canon to report an employee because he laughed at her on Twitter?   Sheryl was complicit in that and so was Andrea's pet troll account, the fake @NemesisRepubllc troll account shared with Ambro. Thankfully they had the sense to see through Ambrosine's butthurt and lies of anti semitism. Here you go, no they didn't fire him and yes this is defamatory:

Yes this Zoe account was a fake account of a woman harassed by Ambrosine, along with her husband and child.  Stolen photo too.  All reported to police. Ambrosine outed herself on that too. Silly.

Have a nice day now! I'm enjoying mine so far. :0)




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