Saturday, 30 August 2014

Andrea Urban Fox & that fake Banksy... again?

Golly she's been busy.

Another pointless Storify, trying to justify her own stupidity?

Yes that was what Andrea tweeted, a faked Banksy. She's no art lover is she? Can't put it in context of his wider ooeuvre?

And yes she was challenged.

I'm sure he would. Did Andrea delete and apologise? Nah that wouldn't suit her anti-Muslim trolling agenda.

Legit? Really? Research Andrea. Research.

So the entire thread is here, on my blog?

But still, Andrea has shown how little she knows about art and how much she is #Islamophobic?

Long words and complex ideas Andrea.  Research!

Probably too much for you? As I said in this post:

Yes no doubt you and your Muslim hating troll "pal" who used the fake as its avatar were only seeing, hearing, speaking what you wanted to see?

Gosh. Not wise monkeys.  Interesting this one though?

Anna Raccoon again:

Oh... and this. Just in case Andrea decides to lie I'm a pervert again:





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