Friday, 22 August 2014

New found religion and cyberbullies revisited

I received a notice from Blogger today that they had received a notice from someone claiming I had 'violated their rights' and they had removed a Blogpost from country specific URL ie UK.

Note the allegedly and the may, nothing to say it does.

Google has been notified that content in your blog contains allegedly infringing content that may violate the rights of others and the laws of their country

The notice will be posted on Chilling Effects soon, so we can all read what it says (it will also state who submitted the notice,  ie Andrea Urban Fox apparently ) and of course then I can if I so wish challenge it.

 You can search for the notice associated with the removal of your content by going to the Chilling Effects search page at, and entering in the URL of the blog post

Andrea Urban Fox aka Andrea Silva Goncalves has of course tried it on before and perjured herself by claiming material not her copyright  or was blanked out on this blog was hers to Blogger. They didn't remove. But she did lie.   < my blog, nothing removed... no copyright violated and all 'fair usage' (photos all blanked out) 

I will wait and see who has submitted the notice however :0)

Now as far as I can see (and I have backup copy and the draft etc etc) I have violated no UK laws at all which would require a takedown notice. All photos which Andrea may claim copyright of were blanked out and nothing as far as I can see infringes UK law. Yes she may be embarrassed by the content as it doesn't show her in the best of lights but all material used was put out in public and I blanked out certain parts to protect the innocent.

But she is a proven liar... remember her BS that CID had had me suspended from Twitter? CID said they did nothing of the sort.

How about her lies in this report to Google? As with many others... time Google was notified about Andrea's DCMA perjury?

However, Google in the email helpfully has sent a guide to how to access my blogpost not via the UK domain name. It appears this is perfectly legal, otherwise why would they tell me?

Here it is.

And following the instructions kindly supplied by Blogger in their email I tried it all out. Here are the resulting URLS, redirecting to the post concerned bypassing the (blog is available to view in other countries anyhow without this bypass)

I recall Andrea posting with great and malicious glee a list of articles which people had had removed from Google searches in UK, with redirect links?

Well as a Libertarian she surely wouldn't wish to deprive people of a right to view?

PS all posts here are backed up and can be migrated to another platform at any time.


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