Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Andrea Urban Fox and the vicar

No, it's not one of those "As the actress said to the Bishop" type jokes, in fact there's nothing very amusing about foul mouthed, attention seeking, lying drama queen Andrea at all.


It's a short post reiterating all that I said in this post, in order that Andrea Silva Goncalves may be persuaded to stop her lying about me.


I have not so far contacted the vicar of St Matthew's Church, or any other church, either anonymously nor on the record in connection with Andrea.

I know who did as that person emailed and told me she/he had done so.  I thought it was not anonymous, but  possibly it was. And I'm not betraying a confidence. Not my doing however.  Nor was it at my instigation. Though surely there was an email address?

As for my blogpost being "malicious and vindictive" well, that's your opinion. I think the screenshots of your own vile tweets speak for themselves, as does all you tweet, blog and Storify.  You certainly display few Christian virtues.  Perhaps that's why you wanted  the blogpost  taken down? Did you lie again to Google? Perjury again? Don't you claim to be a Libertarian?


However, if you continue to make the allegations you are doing about me, and do not remove those already made,  I WILL feel obliged to contact the vicar and the Bishop of Stepney to clarify that I am innocent of any prior contact. 

If you have made such allegations about me to police then I am happy to discuss the matter and you with your local police again. 

So I suggest you remove all the lies told about me so far from all those places you have been smearing me (though I do actually wonder if you can tell reality from fiction) about this matter.

Grow a pair. You make your own problems Andrea.


ALL posts on this blog are backed up and ready to be migrated to another host if needed. And that includes a website of my own hosted far, far away from UK if required.

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