Sunday, 17 August 2014

Message to the assclown VDissidentZ XX

Trollolol Josh! I think we all know who needs therapy... you. Trolling trolling trolling... and random capitals. What's all that about then?

More to come! Some history:


So what is with you and English Defence League Toxic? Is she Milton Keynes? I have a pic of her with Tommy n Kev. How very sad is she?

Yes, well aware of yours and Andrea's and your pals' shenanigans.  Now why not add in Essex police Josh?
Too near "home"? What would mummy say?

Didn't #EDL Tommy get arrested and put in jail for that passport fraud? Oh look at how dumb you are!

Both  you and George Milnes (also arrested) pals of Andrea Silva Goncalves, the Lying Toad  eh Andrea Urban Fox?

Remember this is @VDissidentZ  calling me an assclown?  Yes indeed, its pal Tommy Robinson of EDL was jailed for that passport fraud which Josh claimed didn't exist. Golly, yes. Police and Home Office? Well, they appeared to know... 

Here's your EDL pal George from Huddersfield, the one who got arrested.George is Andrea's great pal too. 

. You are a liar and and an assclown VDissdentZ . Here you are! And you claim you don't bully?




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