Thursday, 28 August 2014

Andrea Urban Fox and her Nem rage

                                                                                                         Andrea Urban Fox 

No, I'm not at all "pissy" Andrea dear. Are you projecting again? Have you a little problem you want to share with us? Slight incontinence? I hear you can get help for that.

Poisonous bile? Thought that was your speciality? Along with lying and fuming, of course.

Sounding so like your suspended troll accounts @GotaBoneToPick and @_Newsextra there luvvie!

Hmmm.  Dear dear. That "Libertarian" Andrea has been whining again to Google. I'm looking forward to reading the latest comedy routine :0) Sounds to me that Andrea is def the "pissy" one.

Actually it's not removed from searches, I've looked, it's just one post is now hosted on .com instead of

All is explained here, with links to the post which had Andrea fuming (as kindly provided by Blogger in its email to me):

Of course I can put in a counter notice if I so wish. Andrea Silva Goncalves has been known to perjure herself to Google in the past, I doubt anything has altered this time.

I get plenty of hits on this blog Andrea, thanks, scores every day, it seems other people enjoy chuckling at you also, though if it's so tedious why are you reading it so avidly dear? No one is forcing you to read are they?

I'm unsure what I'm supposed to be innocent of, I'm sure many things. I am guilty of laughing at Andrea, I confess.

As for "trying my luck on Wordpress" I've been registered with WP for years. Ta for noticing! I'm spreading the joy!




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