Sunday, 10 August 2014

Ambrosine, Andrea and Sheryl the three stooges

Oh really? Popcorn's very fattening I hear.  Thought you were on a diet? Try not to choke on it.

Andrea, not at morning service?  What will the Bishop think?

an update on this:

Other predictions of yours have come to nought haven't they Ambro? I see TellMAMA is still going strong. Unlike your bullying so called 'org' it's highly respected by anyone not filled with anti-Muslim prejudice.

How many Twitter accounts are you suspended on now for abuse, lying and making false profiles to abuse me with Ambro? Remind me?

I'm still waiting for an apology over your lies to @CST_UK too. Smearmongering was what that was. They have your measure I feel.

Been crystal ball gazing again Ambro? Tarot cards tell you this?  Do you make much cash from your little sideline?  You failed to see your suspension from Twitter coming. All those lost followers eh? It must hurt.

Why was I assaulted  by a crazed tweet pinging into my email today (I still get mention notifications from Twitter, even though butthurt Andrea's lies about a non existent police investigation had my Twitter account suspended) by your pal the suspended on multiple accounts for abusing me Sheryl McNaught?   I'm not making threats to sue anyone, what's she ranting about?

I see her tweet was favourited by their pal Keano. Birds of a feather eh?

I could have made a fortune from the three of you long ago had I been so inclined. I prefer laughing at you instead.  So much fun to be had from it.

In fact it was Ambrosine's numerous outright  lies I had a police caution had her Twitter account suspended. I sent a copy of my Twitter report to police too, just to have on record. I have printout too. Nope, still haven't, no caution, no warning, totally unblemished police record.

What was that whisper I hear that a certain person had been "talked to" by police though?  Is that true? And sent a harassment warning letter on police advice, worded by police?

Sheryl's the idiotic woman who thinks calling herself on her latest Twitter account Bitch Nem backwards is some sort of witticism? Tell her thanks though, I will now be able to open a new ticket from my @NemesisRepublic account (yes I can still do that) and tell Twitter she's carrying on abusing me.

Her kids are equally as silly and spiteful as Sheryl.  Yes here's mother and daughter, showing themselves up as usual.

Have a lovely day the three of you. Try not to drown in your own bile. There's enough of it swilling from the three of you to sink several cruise ships.

Sheryl McNaught, back to juvenile name calling and victim playing. This woman is a grandmother in her late fifties. Laughable. Perhaps your pal Ambro doesn't keep you in the loop Feryl? You are just a "useful fool"?

By the way Andrea, what did happen to your troll account @_NewseXtra? Suspended eh? And how come the alternative / backup @_NewsXXtra is still tweeting as @VDissidentZ?  Same account, change of name.

And @GotABoneToPick? Where's that one gone?

One warning for abuse, I have a large collection of tweets of Andrea's  I could send...  it worked for two of the stooges,  maybe I should try for a hat trick?

Shitstirring again?  Why delete this tweet though? Remember your anti-Semitic tweet about the LOLOCAUST?

Nice new Twitter background... Andrea... touching yourself up? Or just desperate for a wee?




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