Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Andrea's hypocrisy again

Oh look it's her pal George Milnes.  Former English Defence League groupie, now UKIP. Sad little boy is George. Yes the one arrested for racially aggravated harassment?  Not called me recently George. I'm not missing you at all.


Andrea loves George,  George loves Andrea, she winds him up to abuse others (and George hates Muslims... they have so much in common. He's less than half her age, you'd think she'd have more sense...).

I'm not crying George, I'm laughing loudly at just how butthurt Andrea is, and how she has you at her beck and call to troll for her.

Biter bit?

And Andrea is playing hypocrite? Maybe I should publish some recent conversations she had about me with saddo George when she thought no-one was looking? (Locking your account Andrea doesn't mean people can't see your tweets, and several of your followers find you a bit of a tw*t...)

Game over Andrea? Not likely. Getting a taste of your own medicine and you don't like it, eh?  So far I've been quite kind to you, as has Alison Chabloz.   Hey I've not had your Twitter account suspended...  as you had mine, by lying to Twitter about a supposed crime investigation into me... CID not happy about that Andrea.

  Libertarian Andrea... LOL

Now about that letter to Alison's employer...  what part did you play in spreading the lies, hmmm?  Your pal Ambrosine Shitrit signed it, but you've had your grubby fingers in that particular pie eh?

This man gave the game away.  He was caught tweeting shit to Alison's employer on Andrea's behalf. Sly.

Is this whining to Twitter UK also on your behalf?  As retweeted by George Milnes? Butthurt again Ms Libertarian?  Haven't YOU already had a Twitter warning for abuse, Andrea?  Maybe others have tickets in for YOU? Who knows?

https://storify.com/Alixir13 Interesting stuff there.

Stop whining, Toad. You made your bed, now lie on it...

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