Sunday, 17 August 2014

VDissidentZ and its coat of many colours: Episode Two

More later. Here's Episode One.


Really Josh? Sounding a little perturbed there. Outed and butthurt? Great. More hits for my blog!

I note our nasty troll Joshua, who denied being the author of this vile tweet about a small child in the past (though it was actually tweeted as another name, when Twitter name changed old tweets changed too: "I did not make that tweet" you said. Oh but you did!  So a liar as well as a cyberbullying troll? One hell of a sicko aren't you?)

is now admitting "he" was indeed @EDLNewsxxtra  aka @_Newsxxtra  who was certainly @EDLNewsextra  aka @_Newsextra (nothing to do with the real @EDLNewsXtra) and before that a clone account of my own @NemesisRepubllc.

There were two accounts with that name eh Josh? Name swapping and fresh accounts, but you, Andrea Silva Goncalves and Ambrosine Shitrit up to your ears in it all. Great pal of Sheryl McNaught also? (Victory will be yours Sheryl? I think karma bit you on the bum big time.)

And a vile troll trolling with a blog (suspended) Nemesis Repulsive, fake FB account  to bully me,(suspended)  fake Google +  accounts (to bully me), d0xing me (as repeated by Andrea)  putting all my personal details on far right websites, etc etc?  Stalker and cyberbully? Thanks for the admission.

Thanks too Andrea for this admission... that you were in it up to your ears, complicit in stalking, harassment, worst sort of trolling of me, and you used other to do your dirty work.   You still do. Though maybe you shared the log in? Police will be updated with all this. Police were very interested in your pal "Josh" and the trolling of me and my family. Some pretty vile stuff, eh? Not the innocent are you Andrea? All in it together.

Clone profiles "puerile" but you were happy to be part of it? Claiming stalking?  What a prize shit you are Andrea.

This was the @NemesisRepubllc cloned account then you were involved with,  name changes came later:

Hey Andrea?

Always the charmer, eh?

So "Josh" you spent years spreading the most vile sort of anti Muslim hate too, and supporting far right, Pam Geller, and the English Defence League. One very, very sick person indeed. Sociopath? I'll update police with your latest incarnation, confirmed. You need help and treatment for more than those physical medical ailments you keep tweeting about.

And  Josh... as you admit to being the suspended hate account @_Newsextra  and you are using your backup account now, which you admit  (change of name to @VDissidentZ)  should Twitter know, as you shouldn't be tweeting at all?

Here you are fuming as your heroine Pam Geller was banned from UK:

Thank for the spam email Josh, pinged through from Twitter to my Nem email. I can now open a ticket with that and report you to Twitter. I have load of other old abuse tweets I can add it to.

Don't choke on that breakfast "Josh".

Your house must be full of foam this morning.  "Sky" Broad blue there today Josh?

And Alness. Thanks Feryl and "Josh", I have further tweets with which to send in abuse reports via my Nem Twitter.  That's Sheryl  the bullshitting liar?

 Oh your pal Toxic too?  Pinging into my email?  I maybe need to tell Twitter about that abuse too.

Far right not bright. That's EDL Toxic, who thinks all of UK is England and is a vile racist too?  Nice pals eh?

I see Josh's dear pal Andrea has got out of bed. No church today dear? Still trolling? Yes Tick Tock, police emailed about your lies.

 Why no church?

And yes. Who would?

But maybe she just wanted a wee? Bizarre photo shoot eh?

Andrea of the trolling, foul mouth and anti-Muslim hate?  Bit touchy feely really.




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