Monday, 21 July 2014

What's wrong in the world? Andrea.

Update Monday pm Lying Toad is so scared to tweet at people in case they report her she's now 'stalking' people's tweets making shots and loading to Twitpic with stupid comments!  Bless! Waaaah! But she claims she's not bovvered.  LOL!

Also this:

Nope, still isn't Jason. Nor me.

Original post

I see Andrea Lying Toad Silva Goncalves Urban Fox has yet another sock account on Google +. Since the other two fake Google + accounts connected with the now-suspended trolling Twitter account @_Newsextra were suspended for harassment, abuse and anti-Muslim hate she's been at a bit of a loss, as she's really a nasty coward who plays victim while all the while being the most vicious of trolls. Another troll account @GotABoneToPick was suspended for abuse too.

Wonder what Google + thinks of this abuse of its service yet again?

Loading up the same tired screenshots she used for her other accounts to bully rather gives the game away, targeting same people, as does her whining about Tower Hamlets where she lives.  And I see she's breaching copyright again.

She's really very dumb isn't she? And she has no idea how UK law operates.

That's in addition to her Google + account in her four year old child's name, which she also used to abuse (caught out, she changed his account surname from Silva to SG and deleted a post... or Google deleted it possibly?).

Stalker LOL... oh poor lickle victim!

She also made a Facebook account in her four year old son's name to LIKE her own bullying posts. She also lied I targeted him to have his account suspended by reporting it, but lying comes as readily to Andrea as breathing.

Of course both Google and Facebook have policies stating no-one under the age of thirteen should have an account, but Andrea is a Libertarian when it suits her so hey, the rules don't apply to her!

I see Dramatica is back online.

I see her attempts at removal had no effect.

She has two Google + accounts in variations of her own online name also, has Tawdry Urban Fox. My she loves to spread her bile and malice far and wide! Not that anyone takes a great deal of notice of her, she's simply a sad middle aged woman growing more incoherent by the day.*

Remember all this fuss from Andrea Silva Goncalves, when she used her kid as her avatar (and carried on abusing people, with his picture beside every foul mouthed tweet?)

Same vile, foul mouthed, malicious bully Andrea who is probably still cheering at the deaths of children in Gaza

has been taking videos and photos of other people's small children (with names) and posting them online, on social media sites.  I hope the school involved and all the parents, carers and guardians of the children named and photographed and posted on the internet have also given the OK for this?

As I said in a recent blogpost:

I mean, you are a bit of a sleazeball with some really odd online pals, so possibly some folks don't want their kids cheek by jowl on your 'social media' profiles with the rest of the foul-mouthed and more than slightly tawdry stuff you put online?

But of course Andrea IS a 'Libertarian' and normal rules of decent and sensible behaviour don't apply to her (unless she's running to police butthurt, of course. That's different apparently! Not that police take any notice of her, they are quite wise to her).

How's that complaint to the IPCC coming along Andrea?

*Yep... buthhurt and incoherent! The musical!




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