Saturday, 19 July 2014

The repellant toad has a meltdown.

The Diva Andrea Lying Toad is having some sort of online meltdown, and (excuse the cliche...) throwing her toys out of her pram! Diddums!

Toady's been very hissy tonight! Aw! Temper tantrums, the lot? Boring ass Storifies too. Bless 'er! She does try, though she also does fail.

Has she run out of her happy pills? No ginger beer to pep up her lonely little life?

I know she loves reading this blog, I am her LIFE, so I felt I should give her that frisson of pleasure she must derive from me laughing at her and do a swift update for the LOLZ. I'm unsure if Andrea believes half the badly informed rubbish she spouts, if so then clearly that's worrying. Her few willing stooges allow her to pull their strings, it's not subtle stuff. ( But why tweet then delete Andrea? Scared?)

 By the way, talking of making fake Google + and Facebook accounts (and no I still didn't report either, but why tell the truth when you can lie Andrea? Lying comes so easily to you doesn't it?)  in the name of your small child in order to bully people, and LIKE your own abusive Facebook posts,  I thought I'd gently have a word in your ear, while no-one else is listening, about taking videos and photos of other people's children in school (especially when they are named) and posting them online. I'm sure though you are aware of the local education authority's policies, the child protection and data protection issues, and have read the NSPCC guidance? No doubt the school concerned gave full permission and all parents and guardians and carers too, and it's all OK.  But just in case, best check it out eh?

I mean, you are a bit of a sleazeball with some really odd online pals, so possibly some folks don't want their kids cheek by jowl on your 'social media' profiles with the rest of the foul-mouthed and more than slightly tawdry stuff you put online?

Pals like EDL fangirl foul mouthed Vicky, 'Keano' from Hyde? Charmers all.

Mmmm. Ask Keano about his EDL support and his voluntary work. He's terrified anyone finds out who he really is.

And Andrea, I gather you've been plugging an old poem of mine, which was a prizewinner in a major international poetry competition a long time ago.  It was highly praised by this man, one of the judges (who understood the humour :0) )  as the Sunday Times described him "the leading Welsh poet of his generation".

The prize money paid for a very pleasant evening out in Clerkenwell with a group of friends I recall, good food, a great deal of wine, and excellent conversation. It's been doing the rounds a long time that one, though millions also enjoyed my 'poem on the Metro' when it was featured on large art posters in every station and read on radio. Different poem though. That one was chosen by Bill Herbert

Yep the cash I got for that was wisely spent too...

I should resume writing poetry / fiction again you know, I've neglected it all in recent years as I've been more involved in historical research for various projects. This wee bloggy is just for fun.

However, I presume your education in the conventions of literary writing was minimal. (You don't appear to understand what you read, either.)  First person narration isn't actually always autobiographical. In fact, naughty I know, but creative / imaginative writing actually is about er... making stuff up. Though that is very different to lying. Lying is what you do, to be malicious.

I don't know if it's a language problem or a cultural one (maybe you weren't reared reading Jane Austen from an early age? ) or just you are a bit thick, which you certainly come across as, but the subtleties of ironic writing are defo lost on you.

By the way, have you booked that holiday yet? You know, the stalker one? Not that our paths will cross, but  I'm sure the 'village children' will need to be warned something nasty their way comes... Fee fi fo etc. Their parents will be sharpening their pitchforks in preparation...

Church tomorrow?

Oy vey eh?

PS Jason and Efemico? Not a secret, that he is the registered person for the website.  You know, like Ambrosine Shitrit is for Yad? Try to keep up, or it makes you look really quite silly. Oh wait...

Just a heads up ... info you published  is way out of date, the address was simply a postal dropbox anyhow.




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