Friday, 18 July 2014

Morning Toad

I see Andrea Lying Toad is lying she hasn't read my 'tripe' in a while, and playing poodle as usual to Sheryl and Ambrosine.

The Common Toad. Yep, common as muck, and increasing aridity, about describes it

This toad is classed worldwide as a species of Least Concern, Although, it is considered to be Near Threatened in Spain because of recent declines due to habitat loss, as well as progressive aridity

Would your many visits daily to this blog not count then Toad?   Even shill Ambrosine (is bored doormat Saguy still snoring all afternoon?) isn't as diligent as you are at checking...

Oh look... this one is a particular favourite of yours isn't it, Toad?

I note Sheryl is still harassing me and calling me a 'cow'. Well, it takes one to know one dear. Chewing the cud still are you? LOL etc. Backwards, forwards, upside down.. .  you are still as thick an 'old bint' as you ever were eh Feryl?  So, calling yourself 'bitchnem' backwards is hilarious eh? Only to the terminally dumb. That's er... you...

I'm sure you'll read this soon, Lying Toad, though you have been here already this morning haven't you... twice before ten? How many times yesterday?

As for socks...  I was Ateeve3 according to you remember? Paranoid much Andrea?

The three stooges. Clocked this one ages ago. July 1st wasn't it?

Nuts... as in Brazil nuts??

Thanks for the loyal reading!  You'd be amazed at how well read THIS blog is!





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