Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Twisted Sisters: Andrea and Ambrosine revisited

An update on yesterday's blog response to Andrea Lying Toad's whining manipulative victim playing


after she was called out for using Google + and Facebook accounts made in her four year old son's name to abuse me and others, asked her family and friends to visit my Facebook Page and abuse me

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(her sister Thais Matteoli in Brazil duly obliged, her pal Alun Harries @ceiliog LIKED her post) and taking videos and photographs inside his school (where children were named) and posting them on the internet without, it seems, having permission from the school concerned and parents of the children. This raised, as I said in previous blogs, child protection and privacy issues, as well as the fact her son has no idea the abuses being carried on in his name. He's far too young to understand.

And no I didn't target her son's Facebook account and have it removed (though as a four year old he's nine years too young to be on Facebook).

I see she's finally removed some of the material, the videos, though photographs remain.

Remember this? Andrea and photos?


and this?


Of course Andrea, as a 'Libertarian',  (new Twitter name I see @AndreaUrbanFoXx's account is protected)  considers herself above seeking such permissions no doubt. I can only feel sorry for the children whose photos are stuck alongside her foul-mouthed rants and her manipulative lies.


They sort of outweigh her 'concern' for animal welfare, which I rather suspect has more to do with hits on her blog and massaging her ego than genuine concern. Sleazy Andrea wants to be an internet sleb.


Some of us have been involved in anti hunting, anti-cruelty and animal rescue for more years than we care to recount. We put our time and money where our mouths are.

Fluffy kittens Andrea?  Sucking up to Lady Dinah of the Cat Emporium? Cats Protection? My cats (all from a refuge) say you are a fraud who, along with Ambrosine, spammed animal tags on Twitter with abuse.

Andrea's also made another sock account on Google + in order to abuse, though I note she's removed some of the material on that also, after this was exposed more widely.


Alison Chabloz has produced this Storify. I see Andrea's pal and sister in abuse, bullshitting and sockpuppetry, the really very nasty Ambrosine Shitrit / Chetrit, another proven liar and victim player, has been aiding and abetting Andrea Silva Goncalves in her abuse and lies.

Stalkers? Laughable rubbish.

Gonna pass on my name and that of two others who Andrea is targeting with her butthurt and bull to any random are you Shitrit?

Probably my address and phone number too?  Caught in the act of admitting you made harassing calls to my husband weren't you? What does Saguy say about that?

And will you be passing on whatever other details about me you have on file at Yad? (Perhaps I need to update the Information Commissioner's Office with the fact you are keeping information on people and using it for malicious purposes?)  Remember posting a photo of what you thought was my home on Twitter on a sock account you made to abuse me?

Putting us all at risk are you Ambro? Isn't that sort of being a stalker? Andrea agrees with you doing this does she? She's complicit in your abuse? She's happy for you to pass on personal information?

Then perhaps I need to seek a FOI from your 'organization' from the registered address to find what other 'information' you are holding on me? I'm sure it's all secure as a sieve.
Not that Andrea's innocent herself, is she?

Ambro... you DO 'stalk' people. You make harassing calls to people, harvest information, write lying letters to the Community Security Trust, defamatory letters to people's employers lying they are anti-Semites, there's a very long list of your lies and abuses. 

I'll be passing this blogpost, and yesterday's, to police just to have on record. Anything happens to me or my family, they can contact you to see who you've been passing my details to? Perhaps you can give them a list now of those who have contacted you for my details? And pass it to me also? 

I'm sure Andrea won't object to police reading this post will she? 

This harassment of myself and others is of course nothing new. Ambrosine Shitrit and her so called 'staff' of YadBYadUK, a front to bully masquerading as an anti-hate 'org', are themselves liars and bullies. Both Ambrosine Shitrit and her sidekick Sheryl McNaught (many posts about this vile pair of liars and bullies on this blog, exposing them for what they are) are suspended on multiple Twitter accounts for harassment and abuse. I've no doubt their latest incarnations will be suspended soon.

The third member of Yad is former porn 'star' Nilli Willis now Williamson, another foul mouthed abuser who protected her tweets in order to avoid being reported to Twitter. I blogged some of her abuse here, there were even more vile tweets she sent to me which so far I haven't published though I did show police.


Such credibility!

So Andrea Urban Fox Silva Goncalves, excuse me while I go snigger quietly about your wee blogpost and how it's not exactly had the desired effect of making you sound the poor wee victim. Thanks to your pal Ambro, you've been made to look ever more the manipulator, involved in all manner of vileness.

Hoist by your own petard.

Contacted Twitter yet and told them you lied about that crime ref by the way? Go on, have the cojones!

Have a lovely day now!




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