Monday, 14 July 2014

A family affair?

I have a Facebook Page. I don't use it often. I don't really have time to keep it updated.

 Unlike some, I don't measure out my life by spreading the history of my every waking moment and all contact with friends all over social media.

I sorta have a real life, which doesn't require sharing with randoms. I also think my family and friends are entitled to privacy.

Yesterday I was spammed on Facebook with several bizarre comments, and sent an abusive private message, all of which pinged through to my email (so yes I have proof).

And who were these from?

Thais Matteoli,

apparently sister in Brazil of one Andrea Silva, aka Andrea Goncalves aka Andrea Silva Goncalves aka Andrea Urban Fox etc etc etc, when she isn't pretending to be me,  see multiple updates to this blog.

Yep, I deleted her very stupid (or were they drunken? Can she get Hawkes ginger beer in Brazil? ) comments, reported her unwanted and abusive PM as spam and blocked her,

I have no doubt she hadn't found my Page randomly.

Andrea, if you have other family members unable to control themselves, tell them not to bother abusing me on your behalf, as they will be reported as spammers also.




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