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Andrea Lying Toad and the deaths of children

 Disabled and what were called 'retarded' children killed by the Nazis, see text of blog.

Yes, she's had yet another removal from a social media site, this time her anti-Muslim hate.

Just recording that fact.

Contravenes their Terms of Service, does anti-Muslim hate.  Yew.

Why did she delete her anti-Semitic tweet about the 'lolocaust' I wonder?

(all screenshots enlarge with a click) 

And why does she moan about people joking about the term 'feminazi' then use it herself?

Rape? Wishing violent attack on journalist Laurie Penny?

Still, as a pal of far right Islamophobic loons like Vicky, Em Marsh

and Ambrosine Shitrit, it's not a shock she's 'confused' is it?

Even cake making brings out the vile in Shitrit.  Obsessed much?

A Christian-run bakery that refused a customer's request to make a cake with a slogan supporting gay marriage could face a discrimination case in court.

(If anyone else had tweeted that she'd be screaming anti Semitism.)

I see charmless Vicky, who used to be EDL fangirl and cheerleader @Angel_Infidoll then vile Vixxy (muzrats... similar propaganda to that the nazis used? Dehumanising?)

now pretends to be fragrant Rose...

'Oh Rose thou art sick'

is still in thrall to EDL Tommy Robinson.  It's sad to see what a fool of himself  @thomas_ trotter is making over her, but it's his life. (I see Andrea is now sucking up to him...  sending him ancient photos of herself... aw!)

Before him it was Scott Crosbie @SnideyUK and that idiot Mark 'Robbo'.

Mmmm. Lovely people Vicky hangs around with. Far right loons, racists and haters.  Andrea, you'll love Scott, he thinks mass killing of innocent young people is fine.

Though I forgot you and he are already pals! Isn't he hoping he can win the Lottery so he can have me killed?

His missus chucked him out. I'm not surprised really. Big man, fantasises about women and violent attack. Gets him all excited. Oh go on, why not send him a text? You two will get on like a house on fire! Similar sort of witty repartee!

Cosy! Shitrit ye olde queen of puppetry, sock and otherwise?  Here she is, manipulating her troupe of clowns:

No doubt soon Pammy Geller will be praising Andrea. That's Pammy who is banned from entering this country, who praises Ambro. Pammy who inspired Breivik, some say knew what he was going to do.
Ambro of course pulls Andrea's strings.

More on Ambro and Pam Geller here:

I wonder what the Bishop thinks? He was very nice when someone I know contacted him to point out what an embarrassment Andrea is to the Church of England.  Sadly, there's not a great deal he can do about her. He's sorta hoping she might see the light?

Andrea is a bore isn't she? Tedious with the unsophisticated humour of a not too bright 14 year old, the analytical skills of a gnat, and the repetitive vocabulary of a ten year old,  wrapped up in what could be called 'body fascism' and a strong streak of viciousness. Thinks everyone should be having poison injections into their foreheads and Vampire facelifts, apparently. As far as I can see, waste of cash. But hen, if it makes you feel better, it's your cash.

Her life does seem devoid of intellectual stimulation and cultural enrichment, so I suppose it fills in all those empty hours and possibly some of the air between her ears? She's no' what you could call a thinker.

Maybe all the Botox has addled her brain, or is it she hadn't really too great an intellect to begin with?

An angry middle aged woman, getting more desperate by the day? Once her limited stock of abusive phrases such as 'mentalist' 'brainiac' and 'retard'  is exhausted, she has nothing else to say

Disablist much Andrea? Hitler didn't care a great deal for people with learning disabilities and mental illness either...  so you and the Nazis have that in common?

The Nazis began a huge propaganda campaign against mentally and physically disabled Germans. They did not fit into the Nazi stereotype of the pure Aryan, that is physically fit with an obedient mind to serve the Reich. In addition, they were viewed as a burden on society, as they were unable to work and drained resources from the state.
As early as July 1933, the Nazis passed a law that allowed forced sterilisation of 350,000 men and women, who were deemed likely to produce 'inferior' children.
Between 1939 and 1941 a programme of euthanasia (so called ‘mercy killing’), ordered by the state, led to the murder, by doctors and medical staff, of at least 70,000 people. )

Popular films such as Das Erbe ("Inheritance") helped build public support for government policies by stigmatizing the mentally ill and the handicapped and highlighting the costs of care. School mathematics books posed such questions as: "The construction of a lunatic asylum costs 6 million marks. How many houses at 15,000 marks each could have been built for that amount?"

Well, apart from calling people  f*ckers, c*nts and scumbags, all very sad really. I suppose English is not her first language and she never became fluent?

I gather she's been trying to bullshit again about Alison, but was caught out manipulating.  Wooo.  Listen up luvvie, it was Alison's employers urged her to go to police in Germany and make a complaint about the malicious communication from your pal,  OK? Got that?

German police also strongly advised her to go to UK police. She did. She named a few names. Provided a few screenshots. (That delete button wasn't employed quickly enough dear...)

I'd suggest the harassment letter to Ambrosine Shitrit penned by police covers you too. Your grubby paws are all over this nasty smear campaign. Trying to bullshit by proxy isn't working, caught pants down.

I would like to make it clear, here and now, that I do not wish you to contact me again directly or indirectly, including contact via third parties or associates. This will include any abusive writing or sign or other visible representation by any type of communication and also that any further contact may be construed as harassment. 

Any further actions are likely to cause me alarm and distress and I will not expect any further contact.

How's that complaint to the IPCC coming along then?  You know, when they didn't clap me in irons? Tower Hamlets Police appear to be quite aware of what you are. Very friendly, I've found them when I've called.

And here's Ambro busy defying the legal letter written by police and retweeting a smear campaign whipped up by Andrea against Alison. 

 Oh whoops! Outed!

Hey ho. Pants round her ankles.

Other shots are available. This one's useful?

I'm wondering if you are having a glass of ginger beer (Hawkes is it, you get ratted on and make a fool of yourself? Is your endorsement of killing kids known to them?) to celebrate today the killing of all those civilians in Gaza? As you said after the tragic killing of three Israeli teens:

Dont want to see any moaning when #israel retaliates. 

The teen forced to drink petrol, then set on fire (yes the one Ambrosine lied about his family killing him)

the home for disabled people flattened, women unable to escape the attack?  How many children, civilians killed in the past few days? What's the death toll now, that you encouraged?

As of yesterday, but of course today brought more:

But they are mainly Muslims eh, and we all know what you and Ambro and Vicky think of those.  Andrea doesn't want any moaning. Well the dead are silent Andrea. They can't moan.

I found this interesting. What do you think, Andrea? Ambro? There's a photo there of the burned alive boy's family. They are people, just like us. Ambro claimed they killed Mohammed Abu Khdeir themselves.

by Bradley Burston

An Israeli Jew's apology to Palestinians

I want to apologize for the unforgivable, for the unfathomable, and for all those on my side who never willl

Footnote: I see Shitrit ie Yad is pally with BNP Gatward. I see she's been stalking again?  Maybe another blog on this. She does pick her pals. < just a flavour.

Yep, killing children and disabled women is brave. Indeedy. Bet they were shitting their pants when the attacks came.

Just like those innocent kids killed by Brevik.

I've learned that – and this is just one example of many – a Palestinian child has tragically been killed every three days for the past 14 years. That bears repeating, since such deaths are rarely, if ever, given any attention in America: Palestinian parents have had to bury a child every three days for the past 14 years

An example to all, eh?

Church tomorrow Andrea? Love thy neighbour as thyself?

 Hypocrite much?




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