Sunday, 20 July 2014

Unsound words, unsound minds?

A brief follow on from yesterday's blog (which is proving extremely popular, many views, thanks all)

Ambrosine Shitrit (suspended on so many accounts for abuse, you'd think she'd keep her head down, but she hasn't the sense?) is now using tweets NOT made by Alison Chabloz to lie Alison is an anti-Semite. How bizarre can this woman's behaviour become? Being mentioned in a tweet by someone else isn't the same as making the tweet Ambro. Doh!

And up pops Marian, another long time troll pal of Lying Toad's, near the end of the Storify. (Andrea's own Storifies are a rambling disconnected pile of bile, all rather pointless? Well, apart from having the effect of showing herself up as the low minded spiteful troll she is? Wit is sorely lacking from Andrea's rantings.)

I remember blocking one Marian @Soundwords, who claims she is a copywriter, on Twitter a long time ago. I recall why now!

And Andrea Lying Toad's pal @ClaryH has reared her head again also. She's now calling herself TWINKLEBUNS?

Gosh, what saddos.

I see Andrea Lying Toad has a new avatar, she's the mangy old stuffed and mounted vixen being f*cked by the dog fox? Very appropriate.


Online she's being well shafted by Alison Chabloz too.
  1. Finally Marian, if you're willing to collaborate with Andrea's efforts to smear, that's your choice. However, my suggestion would be that you cease and desist mentioning me further in public. Maybe Andrea could invite you round for a ginger beer and a 'bitch n moan' chat  in the privacy of her own flat? She really does need a friend...
No doubt Toad will be queefing away soon, claiming people are 'OCD' have 'arrested development' and using that overused (by her) term  IRONY KLAXON.  Not that Andrea has a great deal of sense of irony...

Andrea hates being laughed at!

Speaking of which, I see this is back online:

Andrea and Trent Reznor. Aw.

Sad old troll Andrea, still wondering if those parents/ carers /guardians (and school staff) gave you express permission to film / photograph  their kids and post online? Just wondering, that's all... I'm sure you checked it all out and all is OK.

Andrea pretends she's a Christian. Charlatan is a more apt description?

Is it schmooze the vicar day today?




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