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Ambrosine, Andrea... something rotten?

August 7th 2014 Update In case Mark Lewis is reading this. I point out Ambrosine Shitrit lied all over Twitter, and wound up her her troll pals to say I had same,  I had a police caution.  I haven't. No caution, no warning, nothing of that nature. She lied. Nor, as she claimed, could you mop the floor with my tits.  So much abuse so many lies. I have so many screenshots re Ms Chetrit / Shitrit from many years of her lies and her abuse her credibility as a reliable witness in any court case could be questioned... 

My own police force monitored her tweets for quite some time,  to see just how abusive she and her pal Sheryl actually are. It was part of a wider investigation and so I didn't press it, but of course you are entitled to defend her, even if  certain of her online (and offline) behaviour could be deemed a tad unsavoury. 

I also know Jason Schumann has a great deal of evidence of her abusive behaviour online towards him. 

Lawyers. They do like to make money. 


Original post 

Ambrosine Shitrit's butthurt is showing again. (Here's another post about her lies... so many of them...)

 She's having a whine, playing poor little victim, about the suspensions of her multiple bullying, abusive and fake Twitter accounts and rehashing her crazed conspiracy theories about the reasons why she is suspended. (She's also accused the family of a murdered boy of being complicit in his death... see second part of this post. )

She's even quoting the Bard! (I'm surprised as Shakespeare is often claimed to be anti Semitic... his depiction of Shylock etc...)

I'd suggest there is something (or someone...) rotten residing in the London Borough of  Brent, actually. And Bethnal Green... and Alness... and er... wherever ex porn 'actress'  and your foul mouthed, bullying 'Yad associate Nilli Willis lives now?

Of course logic and reason have little to do with Ambrosine's ranting. It's very clear she doesn't understand Twitter rules and how they apply to her. She also doesn't understand there is no such thing as 'free speech' and that when you sign up for Twitter, you agree to abide by their Terms of Service or they can suspend you.

In fact Ambrosine has been on borrowed time on Twitter for a long time, as she has had fake accounts (of my own and also others called things like @DaddyNemesis @SlugExtremist and @NuttyHeritage... yes she's THAT pathetic...) she made to bully me suspended in the past. Twitter rules say once an account is permanently suspended for abuse, that's it. If you have other accounts you should have them all suspended too.

And you aren't allowed to make new accounts while suspended, or that will mean all accounts should be permanently suspended. Read the rules.

You also are not allowed multiple accounts with overlapping purposes.  Constantly retweeting Yad posts was in violation of that too.

Neither are you allowed to gain followers by using bots or buying them. Going from 65 to over 2,500 followers overnight? Look at her followers...  spam accounts, fakers, hundreds of 'eggs'. (Andrea too... most of her followers are fakers or dormant accounts...).

I can assure Ambrosine Shitrit her suspension has nothing to do with TelMAMA having meetings with Twitter. Those meetings I understand were connected with trying to get Twitter to sort out the hate accounts it allows. As she seems to want the same, why is it bad when a genuine org does it? Oh yes we all know she hates TellMAMA,  for challenging her when she ran a smear campaign against them.

I know as I have many screenshots of her BS, using her own account, her 'online newspaper' and her fake bullying account @Sanqueerico.


It was me who had you suspended Ambrosine. YES ME. One of my many achievements, and I'm so enjoying your butthurt rants.

I sent Twitter links to the URLS of multiple tweets which you sent me from various accounts, naming me, lying about me, abusing me.  I named as many of your already suspended accounts as I knew about, and after that I sent Twitter updates whenever you made a new one.

I'm not alone I know in reporting you, but I believe I was the main instigator in your suspension for bullying, abuse and targeted harassment, and multiple other violations of Twitter rules.

And I suspect you will carry on being suspended (you should not be tweeting at all now) as you carry on abusing people, carrying out vendettas against them. I see it's Mo Ansar again today.

I'm also wondering, like Alison Chabloz, when you will apologize to her and her parents for the vile slurs you made against her?

Writing to her employer lying she is an anti Semite?  Her grandfather was killed by the nazis, while serving in the armed forces. Here's his war grave.

Remember your tweet  "Alison loves Germany because she feels close to her forefathers" ?

Here are Alison's parents on yesterday's ITV news:

In my opinion, pond slime has more morals and decency than you, Ambrosine Shitrit. And is probably less deluded and more honest.

So Ambro, you and your pals have now had complaints made about you to several police forces, including in Germany.

Police helped Alison write a letter telling you and your associates to cease and desist your harassment, but I see your Yad associate Sheryl is still abusing her and me, lying we are 'Jewhaters'.  Sheryl is another full of spite, shite and hate, a willing dupe used by you.  She's a pitiful creature, not the brightest bulb,  and judging by the spiteful and silly abuse I've received from two of her daughters, it runs in her family.

And yes I had the vile troll Sheryl McNaught suspended for the same reasons... multiple abusive lying tweets naming me. She had several Twitter accounts anyhow, @Sheryl2311 @SherylMcNaught and @Sheryl_2311 against Twitter policy for multiple accounts for the same purpose. Then she made many new abusive accounts while suspended, one after the other. I also know someone else who reported Sheryl and that contributed I think also to further suspensions.  No doubt she will return, no doubt she will eventually be suspended again when Twitter catches up.

Well, I have tweets where she was bragging about reporting me to have me suspended, though she then went back on that (I have all the screenshots... Sheryl wouldn't know truth if it bit her on the bum I think...)

...and I also have your very stupid pal,  my stalker and female impersonator the liar Andrea Silva Urban Fox  claiming she's had accounts of mine suspended, so what the hell, I thought, others can play at that game. So I did. You can thank Sheryl and Andrea for having you suspended, indirectly. All those years of barmy tweets, all those followers... all gone eh?  Shucks. I doubt many tears are being shed other than your own.

What did happen to your obsessed stalker troll accounts @_Newsextra and @Gotabonetopick Andrea? *cough* ( Wasn't the former shared with Ambro at one time, when it was pretending to be me?)

 Haven't you been warned by Twitter about abuse? (Though that wasn't me... plenty of others don't like your bullying...)

Em... that's Andrea who writes blogs about me? Which is what made me start this one? Shoot bang in own foot and 'going apeshit' there Andrea. Wooo.

Karma. Tit for tat. Whatever. And all abusive tweets you have made about me since, Ambro, either mentioning me directly or indirectly, and any new accounts you make, go straight to Twitter. Anyhow it's given me more time to blog, and to carry on reporting you, so there's a silver lining. Thanks then, Sheryl and Andrea. Without you I would not have considered filing abuse reports :0)

These tweets are in reverse order of  deluded irrational tweets, read from the bottom up:

Tweet 9. The really facepalm one.

Tweets 5 to 8:
Tweets 1 to 4:

1.Twitter allows  multiple accounts as long as they are for different purposes. However, if permanently suspended for targeted abuse, and other violations, all associated accounts should be suspended.

2. Twitter allows all manner of opinions as long as you don't  personally abuse, harass, make fake accounts to bully, make direct and credible threats of violence and a few other things. It even allows your and your pals anti-Muslim tweets, and it allows Andrea to call people 'retards' and 'feminazis'.
Don't see much whining from you about anti-Muslim hate  accounts, in fact you happily bandy tweets with them and er... have been known to make a few yourself.

Oh look... your pals who tweet about killing Muslims and approve of white supremacism and Hitler?  That's different is it?

3. Terms of Service on Twitter do work. You have been suspended on probably almost a score of accounts for violating them repeatedly. You shouldn't be tweeting at all either as yourself or as your fake 'org'.

4. Sky probably tweets different things from its different accounts and also hasn't been suspended for abuse.

5. 6. & 7 Mad conspiracy theories.No. it's nothing to do with TellMAMA who I'm sure don't see you as important enough to have meetings with Twitter about. So why should they be lying? Butthurt Twitter won't meet suspended you and your fake org, both of whose 'founders' are suspended for abuse and bullying? Ironic yes?

8. Is this Mo Ansar? I'm sure he has enough on both you and your daft mate Andrea (another who carries out vendettas against him) to have you suspended, if he was so inclined,  by simply sending in abuse reports. I doubt his meeting with Twitter was in any way connected with you. He's probably got you blocked as idiots anyhow.

9. Idiotic. Totally idiotic.

As for this:

I wonder how his mother feels about that accusation?

I'm assuming you have proof of this and have given it to the authorities? Hotline to IDF Spokesperson?
Even she didn't manage to prevent you being suspended eh?? Schmoozing doesn't always work then? (Embedded tweet...) 

Still, your pal Andrea, the Urban Lying Toad no doubt in St Matthew's Church Bethnal Green this morning

 pretending she's a Christian* (lying isn't really very Christian is it Andrea? I'll be doing a short blog on that later...) thinks any retaliation by Israel (and presumably Israelis) to the appalling killing of three Israeli teenagers (any murder is appalling) is fine.

Presumably she thinks the murder, the burning alive of a Palestinian teen is acceptable then. Eye for an eye and all that? Don't bother investigating the murders, simply retaliate? Mass collective punishment? It's the sort of stuff Hitler did isn't it? Did you agree with that too Toady?

Some children's lives are more important than others, according to Ambrosine?

Here is the latest on that, though of course Ambrosine has the information which she is now passing to police /IDF / whoever presumably as she KNOWS who killed the boy.

Full story at this link:


JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli authorities have arrested a number of Jewish suspects in the killing of a Palestinian teenager whose death set off days of violent protests in Arab areas of Jerusalem and northern Israel, an official said Sunday.
Mohammed Abu Khdeir, 16, was abducted last week and his charred body found a short while later in a Jerusalem forest in what Palestinians say was a revenge killing for the earlier deaths of three Israeli teens.
Police have been investigating various avenues in the teen's death, including criminal or personal motives. But the official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation was continuing, said authorities believe the killing was "nationalistic" in nature.
Palestinians have alleged that Abu Khdeir was killed by Jewish extremists to avenge the killings of the three Israeli teenagers, who were abducted in the West Bank on June 12. Their bodies were found last week, and Abu Khdeir was killed just hours after their funeral.
In east Jerusalem, home to the most violent protests over the teen's death, Abu Khdeir's mother, Suha, welcomed news of the arrests but said she had little faith in the Israeli justice system


Has she changed her mind now? Is she really so deluded as to think she does 'good work'? That nothing bad ever happens in Israel? That all that happened in retaliation by Israel was CANDLE LIT VIGILS?  No attacks,, no demolition of the homes of those who were suspected (no proof...) of the murders?

After the funeral for the three slain Israeli teens on July 1, angry mobs of hundreds began roaming the streets of Jerusalem chanting "Death to Arabs," attacking Palestinians and promising blood by nightfall.

 That Israel, prior to this, had an unsullied international reputation? It appears so.

Yes she's totally deluded.

And I hope she and Andrea read this.  All of it.

I've learned that – and this is just one example of many – a Palestinian child has tragically been killed every three days for the past 14 years. That bears repeating, since such deaths are rarely, if ever, given any attention in America: Palestinian parents have had to bury a child every three days for the past 14 years.

Just been listening to one of Ambrose's  ranty podcasts. Talk about blinkers!

I wonder how she gets IP addresses via Twitter? Can she explain? She claims many accounts are sock accounts, emanating from UK,  and she has the IP addresses from their tweets. That's lying bullshit.

So much I could refute, but the end part...  emails addresses phone number posted on the internet? Letters? Is that the one sent on police advice to you, after YOU wrote a libellous, malicious letter to Alison's employer? Emails telling you to Cease and Desist harassing someone?

Talk to your pals Ambro. They do that to me, to Alison, to others.  Ask  that lying toad Andrea, she's one of the offenders. I have a shot, Ambro,  where you make it obvious you were one of those made harassing calls to my home.  Yes police know about that too.

Idiots the lot of you.


*PS I'm looking forward to the drunken tweeting from Andrea later. Sunday she has two pints of @WeAreHawkes ginger beer (sleb endorsement... LOL) and spends the rest of the day queefing on Twitter and posting pictures of herself drunk in some pub or another.  I can only hope she's not in charge of a small child at the same time.

Booked that stalking holiday yet Andrea? We drink proper beer in these parts.

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