Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ambrosine carries on lying

Here she is again, on yet another new account, though she's suspended on so many for abuse, making new accounts while suspended,  making fake accounts of my own and others to harass and bully me and others with... such a long list.

So many violations of Twitter Terms and Conditions.

I see she still is mentioning me by name and being abusive.

Also as this is the same crap she's been tweeting for months if not years, I know this is supposed to be about me.

Ambrosine, I gather you think very few read this blog? You are very wrong,  another lie.  It's read by many, many people daily. Unless you have access to my blog stats how would you know? Have you hacked me?

In order of tweets:

I am not a stalker. Police have told you reading public tweets is NOT stalking. You read my blog...  is that stalking me then?

I have NOT had any police warning, not ever. Got that? NO POLICE WARNING.

The stuff about the messages? Nope. You have tweeted vile tweets at and about me, called me a nazi, called me Eva Braun, called me a great deal of stuff, including putting up pictures of women in nazi uniform and claimed it's me. You even put a picture of what you thought was my house on Twitter (it's not) AND there is a conversation where you  make it clear you have made nuisance calls to me.

You have had friends harass me, repeatedly. You usually get others to do your dirty work, like gullible fools they do.

I have NEVER made silent calls to you,  you liar. After you claimed that on Twitter I offered police all my phone records.  I have never put your address on Twitter (you have put your own ...  a photo of on your own wheelie bin!) and you have put up your OWN phone number on Twitter and challenged me to call. I didn't. Why would I want to talk to you?

I have not put pictures of your 'children' on Twitter.  That's another lie. Outright lie.

I made a comment on a  blog? Isn't that what comments are for? Insanity? I'm quite sane thanks though many people I think aren't too sure about you.

I haven't spam reported you, I HAVE reported targeted abuse lies and harassment to Twitter as have others.
In order to report you have to send links to tweets and  also to fake  cyberbullying accounts, which is what I did.

Nothing to do with Israel, in the overall scheme of things I suspect you do more harm than good, and are pretty irrelevant, as you are so rabid, just a troll really,  it's do with lies abuse harassment and cyberbullying of myself by you and your pals over years.

Remember @NuttyHeritage?  Twitter suspended that eventually. That was you, pretending to be me. I know who the sick f*ck is and it's not me

I'll send that shot of the most recent bullshit to police just to have on record again.

Anyone who reads my blog will be able to see how many lies you tell, this is another sample.

I have asked you to cease and desist with the lies, you carry on.

Not very much love (though I do feel sad for you, you are clearly a woman with many problems).



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