Monday, 21 July 2014

Vindictive witches, lying toads and sock accounts

A short update.

Remember Andrea Lying Toad's sister Thais suddenly appearing on my Facebook Page and abusing me? Three abusive tweets and a PM? As silly as her sister Mangy Fox, clearly.

Well looky here. (Thanks to the person who sent me the link.)

Andrea (I'm assuming it wasn't really her kid wrote that) lying I targeted her four year old son's Facebook profile and had it deleted. Nope, that's an outright, total and utter lie, though as he's under thirteen (as with Google +) he's not supposed to have a Facebook account. Possibly someone else did that Andrea? Wasn't me, but hey, why tell the truth when you can lie? Lying is what you do best, eh?

Four year old Master SG encouraging people to bully me on Facebook? A four year old being sexist? Woo. (Don't bother whining I'm targeting a kid... you are using him to abuse and lie.)

So, Andrea using her son, who is FOUR to abuse people still? Really? Is he aware of how you use him? And her sister and her pal  Alun @Ceiliog are duped into believing her bullshit.

Translated?  Sort of...  yes Thais, there are very bad people in this world. Your crazy lying sister who uses her kid to abuse people is one of them?

Stalker. LOL.  What an idiot she is.

She's part of What's Wrong In The World, eh?

I see no threat here, I see a question and a lie from Andrea. Toad up to her usual tricks.  Stalking Jason's tweets then? :0)  Too scared to reply on Twitter Toad?

How do you know this is about you? Feeling guilty?

I see no threat of targeting your son's videos, simply a statement, and petty name calling of myself and lying from Andrea.  As already stated, I didn't 'target' any FB account though Andrea used a fake FB account of her son to abuse and target me.

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