Friday, 25 July 2014

Andrea has friends! Who needs enemies?

A few updates.

Oh look who pops up! Ambrosine, when will your bullying stop? How many Twitter accounts are you suspended on now for bullying and harassment and abuse? We have info you talk though your rear end, is that true?

Remember that harassment letter you got from Alison Chabloz that police wrote for her to send? Hmmm?

Golly isn't Keano, Andrea's EDL pal,  the intellectual? Just Ambro's sort of man eh?

I dance to no-one's tune. Andrea is playing victim again, big time. Sly, manipulative and transparent. When abusive Keano is your champion Andrea, you really have sunk to the lowest of depths. 

Took about ten minutes and George was reading. Can't stop himself! He's mad bro!

George Milnes the saddo loves Andrea? She's welcome to you George. You are less than half her age and really very stupid. Birds of a feather?

But where's the bullshit?

All true and I have the proof :0)

Original post 

An update for the LULZ. Yes I know Andrea is fed up at the lack of attention from me, she can't get enough of me. But unlike her, I have a life beyond Botox, ginger beer and lying to seek attention.

 So here's a quicky Andrea, just so you and Shitrit don't feel too neglected by me.

Oh  poor victim Andrea... she's now being supported in her hour of need (ie she's messed up big time with her bullshit so is playing the sympathy card... poor victim...) by her far right EDL and now UKIP supporting pal George (not a pot to piss in said police, when they arrested him for the LULZ...  want to know who grassed him up, gave police his contact details, shocked at his behaviour?) Milnes (arrested for sexually and racially harassing a 15 year old Muslim girl) and his daft pal Keano from Hyde. < yep he's an idiot.

Look... it's a lurve in!

No George I'm not missing the harassing calls, or the threats...  how's the job going? Still being a 'Linux technician' or is that another you got sacked from?

The pathetic threats, what a silly voice you have though. How's dad, stepmother and brother? Have they recovered from having all the house computers removed and searched? All good fun, yes? I'm sure the Met thought so!

George is a great pal of Ambrosine Shitrit too.  Yes, police know all about George's associations with Ambro Shitrit, Sheryl McNaught and their pal Andrea Silva Goncalves.  Andrea sings happy birthday to George online... sweet!

 He's really such a sad little boy, but these middle aged women dote on him :0) Pant pant eh Andrea? 

Aw. A pet hater all to themselves.

Oh what the hell. It's all history now.  Is she still in your life George? No heads kicked in yet... 

Keano is another EDL type who abuses women. Andrea has some great pals...

He's scared anyone finds out who he is as he does 'voluntary work' in Hyde and his vile online behaviour won't go down well alongside that?

Planet of the Apes anyone?

Hello Keano

Classy Andrea, classy. Wonder how those Muslim women at kiddo's school would react to know about your anti-Muslim hate and your vile pals?   George has a long history of it. So has his pal Kev.

What would the Bishop say?

When I can be bothered I  may post more. It will keep Andrea busy checking this blog for updates!

With friends like those etc...

That manipulative bullshit you posted...

Play the violins!

 Still laughing. Well seems your pal @onelpeleg is happy to be your puppet, as he was caught out being last week? Last week he was posting lies from Andrea to Alison Chabloz' employer.  He did have the grace to delete eventually, but this week he's back being her best pal again. Oh how readily some are fooled!

Yep that was him.  Andrea caught pants down!

Andrea has her hand up his ass, clearly. Hope he enjoys it. Yeeew...   it's been up several asses today, metaphorically...

Have a lovely evening Andrea. Yes I will send all this to police, they need some laughs in their lives.

Though the deaths of children in Palestine you were cheerleading for?

Still think it's all OK?




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