Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Andrea Silva gets her wrist slapped

Though of course she's trying to pretend she hasn't and is as usual, being vile. What a spitefully unpleasant woman she is.

An update on this.


 Yes, Ms Lying Urban Toad, you had several pictures taken down from a photo hosting site for violating terms of use. 

Yep.  One of them was removed for obscenity! What would the vicar say? 
I see you still can't tell the difference between Google and Wordpress either, Andrea.  

That's odd as Wordpress also told you to remove stuff from your blog didn't they? Not the first time is it? Told you to remove personal information you posted.  That's on top of Facebook removing a post as targeting someone and breach of copyright?

That butthurt must be strong. Remember you lying I had posted your personal information? Address? All the queefing?  I do. You are such a  malicious, manipulative liar aren't you Andrea?

What a load of bullshit. Play the violins. I have nothing but contempt for liars and manipulators who play victim.

And this pile of  self-serving whining lying sh*t?!  "I have moved home and changed my phone number"? Oh really? When was that? Not recently?  Nothing to do with me.

Though you HAVE posted my address phone number and a great deal of other stuff besides on the internet haven't you?  I know as I still have the screenshot of you linking, and yes that went to police.  It's some of the reason why police won't take you seriously, you see, they know what you are.

NB your attempts to have stuff removed from this blog have failed. Yep.

That could be because you lied about copyright of course.

Even that Stop Bullying business you whined to read this blog and said ... nope, it's simply truthful and factual, yes? Based on your own tweets and actions?  

Also, why are you constantly lying about Alison Chabloz?  Claiming she doesn't want anyone to see this? Why not? It was a joke? Is it cos you is stupid you can't see that? Irony? Satire?

Photo copyright Alison Chabloz, used by permission 

She doesn't want anyone to see it so much she headed this Storify with it and added your tweet of her nicked photo? I'm sure you've read the Storify... very interesting. Shows you as the hypocrite you are. 


The reason she wants her photos off your tacky, sleazy, lying whining blog is possibly because it's her copyright, and she feels a little dirty having your odious sticky little paws all over her? 

Yep. Well, who wouldn't? Yeeeew. Heaven knows what sordid stuff her photo is jostling with stored on your hard drive. 

I also note, you are still lying I reported your son's Facebook Page. I didn't, I pointed out he is not supposed to have either a Facebook Page nor a Google + account until he's 13 and is old enough to understand what is happening. If it's been reported, it wasn't by me. 

As it is, YOU are abusing your son by using his name and 'his' accounts (in reality sock accounts of yours) to LIKE your own bullying posts elsewhere (how sad is that? Really? ) and to post your hate fuelled bullshit, which he isn't old enough to begin to understand.  

I'm still not 67 either... do you take pleasure in being so malicious, twisted and evil? :0) And not very numerate?

And such a liar?

That's not forgetting trying to change your name to mine on a website, pretending to be me,  in order to be abusive.  Hasn't entirely been successful, as replies to you are to @AndreaUrbanFox,  and all I have to do is join up, post on the forum and I can expose you at any time.

Perhaps I can call myself Andrea da Silva Goncalves? Ugh no, I'd hate anyone to confuse me with you!

And @Ateeve3 wasn't me either. Still wasn't no matter how much you lie it was. Aw.

Not so much love



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