Thursday, 3 July 2014

This made me laugh...

The link is to a Storify featuring Andrea Silva and Ambrosine Shitrit whining.  See end of post for the slideshow.

 The Ambro tweets?  Here's one I made earlier.

Here's one tweet from the Storify. Clearly Andrea isn't ignoring anything...  no she isn't 'important' in the way she wishes she was :0)

As for making Facebook and Google + accounts in the name of a four year old, that's against Google and Facebook Terms of Service (have to be 13 plus) and surely is abuse of a child to use accounts in his name to bully others, when he has no control over what the accounts are used for. So Andrea lies again, it is either her or her son (unlikely, he's only four isn't he??) who is actually targeting others.

Has he really made the bullying post links and LIKED Andrea's bullying comments all by himself, or is this yet another of Andrea's sad attempts to 'spread' her 'influence'?

She really should leave him out of her trolling and abuse.

PS Andrea, the butthurt REALLY shows when you link, lips all twisted, to your pitiful, sweary, blog Storifies etc when you know you've been made to look the bullying. lying ****wit you are :0)

Have a nice day now!



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