Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Andrea finds her delete key, Vicky loses her marbles

Someone has been busy busy with the delete key today...  abusive Twitpics gone (though Twitpic was removing them anyhow, suspension was probably looming, and I have a full set of screenies of the bitching and moaning...)  and the school videos have gone too from some places, though photos of small children taken inside a school (without permission?) remain.



More socks than M and S Lying Toad?  You can run but you can't hide...

Andrea queefing? Remember? Oh the hypocrisy... and the stupidity..

Still using your small child as a sock account Andrea? Facebook and Google +?

So, only five out of ten Andrea. Try also removing the lies I reported your sock account of your kid to have it removed from Facebook, or is truth a step too far for you?

I see the far from fragrant and very boring Vicky has changed her account name from @EnglandRosie and someone else has stepped in to use that one.




It has nothing to do with me, but the paranoid fool is still whining about me. Time I reported all her abusive tweets about me...  she's been suspended once and made a Twitter account while suspended, against Twitter rules. She's stupid enough to keep tweeting about that also.

I see her troll is back too, and no doubt will carry on with another account if suspended, but again,  nothing to do with me despite her obsession it is.  See previous blogs. It's not Jason either, but claiming it is gives her full rein to be her usual foul minded, homophobic abusive self, obsessed with child sex and being bitchy. Pitiful creature. She's loving the attention from the troll anyhow. I suppose it fills in her time.

Nope you've exposed nothing (apart from yourself) and no it's not Jason.  Idiotic. Though you are still an EDL Tommy fangirl aren't you? You still have the hots for him!

A road trip Vicky? Have fun. You may meet your pal Andrea stalking us all too. Snork!

Me, I think I might have a trip to Coventry.  Not that I want to meet you, Vicky, not quite my sort dahling, but the Motor Museum is good and I love the Basil Spence cathedral.

Perhaps you should try some culture, it might expand your small mind.




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