Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Snail mail and Shitrit

Ah the good old days of snail mail,  in decline since the rise in electronic communications.

 You do need it to send important docs however, when you require a signature to say they have arrived.

Indeed, I'm sure your followers writing to you need that advice. Make sure the address is correct, stick down the envelope flap, put the correct postage on?

Postcode. Get that right. That's useful also.

Of course sending threatening letters may in some circumstances be construed as illegal, though that would depend on the threat. Threatening to repossess a house unless mortgage arrears are paid? That's quite legal. Many circumstances where 'threats' are legal. I'm sure I could find numerous examples.

I'm wondering what is an 'illegal' means of obtaining an address?

I do hope Ambrosine Shitrit isn't bullsh*tting again about the letter sent to her from Alison Chabloz. No, she can't be as Alison isn't a Yad follower, or a follower of the multi-suspended Ambrosine Shitrit /Chetrit. The full story is here:

She obtained Ambrosine's address perfectly legally (Ambrosine is the registered owner of a website, and also a former Company Director, so her registered address is very public) and the letter was sent on police instruction and worded by police. Police of course also have access to addresses, electoral roll etc.

Yes, Ambrosine told Twitter followers she had reported to police (lol)... no doubt they can contact Derbyshire  Police for confirmation then... and sent to her solicitor.

Jolly good, except Alison has waited weeks and still nothing?

Also of course Ambrosine posted her own address on Twitter, on a photo of her own wheelie bin! Doh.

You can fool some people Ambro,  some of your more gullible followers, but not those of us who see past your bull and have more than two brain cells to cozy up together.


And do read this, it's so true... well said, Alison.






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