Monday, 21 July 2014

Andrea admits she's What's Wrong In The World and a troll.

Dear dear. Andrea. Andrea. Lying Toad strikes again!

Look, she's admitted this is another of her cyberbullying sock accounts!

Butthurt much Lying Toad? Perhaps it's time I started using my Google + account LOL!

What a fool. What a liar. What a nasty bully! The butthurt is so strong!

As for Lady Dinah and her Cat Emporium, is she complicit in all this? My cats say PHOOOEY!

Give up love, you simply look more stupid daily.

Idiot. Pages are public anyhow.  Er... I haven't actually named him,  the boy you used to abuse me and lie about me, but ta for reading!

I've got no-one to threaten you and I see no threat here, is this about you?

Are you stalking me Andrea? Wooo! Sounding a tad deranged here!

I'm claiming innocence as I'm innocent.

Laughing lots, as I'm sure are Jason and Alison. The queefing, the queefing!

Though some of her malice isn't funny is it?

Urgh. Using your kid to bully me though. Urgh.




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