Friday, 12 September 2014

Trolls, socks, stalkers & harassment again.

Screenshot from Andrea da Silva Goncalves  published by her on a public site with her note in red.

I think I should draw to Andrea's attention the link was to this blog, which I didn't specifically ask Alison to pass on, which isn't to say no-one else did:

This was about Andrea admitting she has yet another nasty trolling account which she used to abuse and target Alison Chabloz, myself and others.  So why not alert those following it?  Seems fair enough to me that a business may wish to know more about  Google + accounts it is associating with?

Ref to 'slug' is Andrea's name for me. Abusive much Andrea?

No I haven't harassed any church. Not been in contact with any church.  Not been anywhere near London in quite some time.

Got any proof I have? No, thought not. That's because it doesn't exist.

That post was an update on this one.

Remember Andrea also using a fake FB account of her son to lie about me and encourage people to harass me on my FB Page? I certainly did not target her son's FB account, she used it to target me. She also lies I am her 'stalker' which is nonsense of course.  No I have not spread her boy's name, I've always blanked it out, I refute my blogs are deranged (truthful is more accurate) and no I haven't got anyone to threaten her. Utter bull.

Her sister Thais  Matteoli duly obliged ( I have all the screenshots of her spam and abusive PM, which are also in my email inbox). I wrote about it here:

 Remember Andrea impersonating me on a games site in order to be abusive?

And posting all my private information and that of my husband? Our home address? IP? Private ex directory phone number? And links to scurrilous websites? What was all that about Andrea? Encouraging someone to harass us were you? I sent a copy of this and the whole pastebin to police by the way, just to have on record.

Sounds like Andrea Urban Fox to me.




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