Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Andrea Urban Fox: intimidation and faked tweets

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You take the piss? Really?  Hadn't noticed! Maybe your 'wit' is far too subtle then.  So subtle it doesn't actually exist?

So that's an admission then, that you are 'stalking' as you put it? Thanks for that! :0)

Yes I document your lies, for all manner of reasons!


Perhaps Tower Hamlets Police appreciate that you are happy to lie and intimidate others so they don't take you seriously? (How's that injunction coming on Andrea BTW? Wasting the time of Judge Sterlini at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch County Court?)

September 8th 2014.

Sounding sore and butthurt again there Andrea.

I mean, what's this on your blog if it isn't harassment and intimidation?

Isn't impersonating me on a website in order to be vile a form of harassment Andrea?


Isn't making a fake Facebook account of your son on Google + and Facebook, lying about me,  and encouraging your pals to harass me intimidation? Yes your sister Thais Matteoli duly obliged.


Isn't publishing people's private information harassment and intimidation Andrea?  But it's OK when you do it to me, is it?

Er... rather thought it was you couldn't leave me alone, Andrea dear :0)!

All I've done is blog about your lies, harassment and bullshit Andrea. Problem with that have you?

Thought you claimed the vicar got an anonymous email? Well, not from me he didn't. Not from Alison Chabloz he didn't.

I haven't contacted your church Andrea. Not by email, not by phone, not in person. Gonna apologise for that lie? Or do I have to contact the Bishop of Stepney and point out your lies?


Andrea was busy busy yesterday, still spreading her butthurt and lies to her troll pals.


Stalker? Laughable crap!  But you don't 'stalk' eh Andrea?  I see you tweeting to your poodles. I'm sure Alison was grateful for you tweeting out her Storify, which is a very interesting one, with you whining and then rubbishing  Met police, one of whom saved a life yesterday.  I've embedded it at the end of this blog.* Fascinating stuff!  You have the mentality of a child!

And yes we all know who posted a link to your son's school... you did Andrea.  Took videos inside the school, not only of your own child but of named others,  and posted all over the internet.  Sort of thing NSPCC warns against.


One person made a screenshot of your tweet, with kids' faces blanked and no link whatsoever to the school, with a 'fair comment'.  As far as I am aware no-one has contacted your son's school either, certainly I haven't. However, there is no law to say they can't is there? It would depend on the reason and how they made contact.

Bullshitting again?  Sounds like it. Well, police haven't contacted me,  so I'll contact them, to put the record straight.

Were you getting a so called 'crime ref' again so you could lie to Twitter in order to get someone suspended again, as you did with me?

 Yes I contacted CID, who confirmed this is a lie.

And one person sent a tweet to a business on Twitter, which again didn't actually link to your son's school despite your lie it did.  Isn't that what Twitter is for, to make contact with people? Hardly 'contacting your real life friends' is it?


Ah yes... that would apply to Andrea, who used my photo on her blog and Twitter to make abusive comments, which were removed under a DCMA notice?  Here's one example, there are others:

Jealous? Of you Andrea? Deluded is all I can say dear :0) You're not exactly a stunnah are you?

That's Andrea bitching about Alison Chabloz, who she's  encouraging her troll pals to  er.... troll? Harass? Intimidate?

Golly... cut to the quick I am!

She even stole a photo of someone else from the internet as she thought it was me, in order to spew her bile.


Never one to miss out on spreading bile, Andrea this morning tweeted this link to her tedious troll pal Holborn:

And what does that lead to?

A tweet faked using this prog:

I gather that's now in the hands of police. More on that here:


Andrea is no stranger to that prog, her pet stalker troll account (now suspended for harassment and abuse, mainly of me... there's a surprise) used to use it also, to fake tweets claimed from me.

Oh look, here's Andrea's pet troll,  the vile and now suspended @_NewsExtra (along with Andrea's troll account @GotaBoneToPick, suspended for harassing me):

And again:

And Andrea's pal suspended Sheryl McNaught of @YadbyadUK spread it despite knowing it was faked:

I have others, but you get the drift.

Andrea's troll account did the same to Ewok, whom Andrea doesn't like (she called him a paedo too, she's really a sad smearmonger is Andrea)

This always gets Andrea fuming so I'll publish it again:


Nem xxx

*Here's Andrea, doing what she does best... being bilious and petulant.

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