Monday, 29 September 2014

Butthurt in Shoreditch at it again

Storify courtesy of Alison Chabloz. Tweets embedded Andrea, so don't bother whining to Blogger about copyright. A good follow on from my blogpost yesterday:

NB the bullshit about the DM...  everything to do with Andrea I suspect, it appears she spends half her life reporting people, the other half obsessively reading everything they write just in case there's something to report, write a tediously adolescent Storify about, run to police in order to get a spurious 'crime ref' to send to Twitter, or try it on with an injunction.

Her Twitter seems to consist mainly of telling her new spam followers how many new spam followers she has gained, and whining.

She's so transparent! She's also not the brightest bulb in the box. If Andrea can get hold of the wrong end of a stick, she grips it tightly.

Remember her whining about an 'elderly couple' for example? Claiming there was some 'thinly veiled threat' towards them? ? Utter bullshit as usual. Though would the abusive would-be UKIP councillors really like being described as an 'elderly couple'? Not far from Andrea in gae I suspect.

My stats are booming by the way. Thank to my many readers the world over!




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