Thursday, 18 September 2014

Wrong again?

According to Andrea on one of her obsessive Storifies,

Alison Chabloz  is "banned from Twitter" for harassment and intimidation.

Bet you can't provide a Twitter report email saying this either.  Cos... it's not what they send, is it?

Anyhow, she's back. So you were wrong.

Was there a so called crime ref submitted when you reported her Andrea?  CID tells me you lied to Twitter about me, and would be happy to tell Twitter so.

Just like you lied you don't use your real name on the internet to Storify? And keep reporting Alison?

Butthurt much?

Just sayin'...

And oh dear, more hatemongering about TellMAMA? Bee in your bonnet much? Lots of bullshit in the papers. Still trying to discredit Andrea?

Have a nice day now!




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