Sunday, 28 September 2014

Andrea still stalking?

This blog is updated for legal reasons on a quid pro quo basis. Allegedly. 

So how does she know this?

Stalker! Lapdog!  Isn't she so very predictable?

Pleased she's enjoying it all and being so very encouraging. Though I feel a tad queasy at the thought of Andrea's kisses. Well, you never know where that mouth has been, do you?

Thanks for the continued interest in everything I do Andrea. It's not that you are obsessed and stalking me is it? Otherwise, how would you know that there are new blogs?

By the way, there's another new blog which is amusing. Well written, ironic and with interesting links.

A parody, a satire, a jest, though it's clearly not about you is it?  You surely don't recognise yourself here?

And look new Storifies. Bet you have been busy busy reporting those, you feisty little Libertarian you!

Oh... you Followed?

Well well. How did you know about them?  Golly!

Andrea's Storifies are all a tad Brigadoon... published, then unpublished, then republished, then...

Baiting much Andrea?

Yet you take so much trouble to have people suspended from Twitter (and lying it is CID)? (Backfired rather that didn't it?) then pretend you love it all?

 But Andrea you often lock your account... is it cowardice when you do it?  What's wrong, can't stalk?

If you are so sanguine, why are you are still whining non-stop about Met police dismissing your 20 pages of bullshit about me, and why did you trek along (September 8th) to waste court time to try to file an injunction at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch County Court against Alison Chabloz and me, on the grounds of extreme butthurt? Messed that up too eh?

Attempting to stop Alison Storifying and me blogging were you? I see.


As Private Eye put it so eloquently:

Well, remember, we are entitled to defend ourselves and point out reality. You wouldn't come across as reliable would you? A few seconds of being questioned by a decent legal bod (I can afford one yes) would expose your lies.  Same as CID had you sussed rapidly. Very rapidly.

Well, thanks for letting us know in fact you find it all quite amusing! That's sorted that out then! Filed for future ref!

The crying and queefing? Have a Kleenex, Andrea. Try not to sob too loudly.




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