Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Making a monkey out of a Fox

Hand her a banana! And get the popcorn in!

Oh those mystery DMs Andrea always gets... LOL! And oh so wrong if she means me!

She really is pathetic is Andrea.

I contacted Tower Hamlets and my own police today Andrea, just to set a few more records straight.

You know, the lies you tell... the vexatious reports and claims...


Anyhow, Andrea, poor love, who is stalked apparently by me (she's such a whining victim player isn't she?)  is talking out of her rear end again. No, Cheeky Monkey isn't my 'pal', though tonight I found her very entertaining.

I don't have lapdogs Andrea, unlike you, though you are most certainly a troll.

Alison a poodle Andrea Mangy Old Fox?  Try wolfhound.

Fewming? Weren't your  trolling accounts @_NewsExtra and @GotABoneToPick suspended?

Anyhow, I rather enjoyed the comedy, Andrea's 'wit'  (rhymes with... ) is no match for Monkey.  Def a night for popcorn!

The Butthurt in Shoreditch was strong tonight...  ooh and Andrea made another pitifully childish Storify to send to her troll pals!  I note she calls Monkey ableist. Well Andrea knows all about that eh Andrea? Calling people retards, nutjobs  etc is your speciality isn't it?


One of oooh.. scores of such tweets

 Yeah right., though mainly you come out looking foolish.

Ah oh so innocent, butter wouldn't melt Andrea?

A selection for entertainment, there was more:

Ah yes...  and Andrea does her usual, sets her pals on to Cheeky Monkey, continues to subtweet  by linking to Monkey's tweets (with abusive comments natch) and makes threats to report. Andrea loves filling in reports to Twitter! Poor lickle victim!


And actually, yep.

Well, Andrea, you dragged me in to this,  I merely record. For legal purposes of course :0)

But you were certainly made a monkey of tonight, even if you don't see it!

Updated: Oh look, maybe others have reported you in return Andrea?  Angry abusive troll perfectly describes you.  Oh and your nasty pal Vicky!  See this blog for more. Subtweeting, attempting to get the mob to attack?  Sly Fox, but not Clever Fox really.




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