Thursday, 25 September 2014

Documenting your trolling for legal reasons?

That the injunction?

Well, better fill in the forms correctly then.

Remember, those you troll and "stalk" and lie about are entitled to respond. It's not all about you. Could get messy.

You aren't really reliable, you lie. So many lies, so much nastiness... even attempting to impersonate me? Lying I had contacted / harassed  your church? Lying I published photos (plural) of your kid on this blog to troll you? Lying CID got involved in having my Twitter account suspended? So many lies.

Publishing all my private contact details?

Quid pro quo? Is this some sort of threat and attempt at blackmail? It sounds like it. Well, carry on.

 Is anyone really interested greatly in your bile filled, angry Storifies?  I only read them because I can't believe how bad they are, how angry a person you come across as, how butthurt you seem, how wrong you are at times, how little you seem to understand the format, how little understanding you appear to have about a great deal.   Must take forever to obsessively read and collect URLS, most of which have nothing to do with you. Not relevant to you. Wasting your time, but it's your life.

Attempting to prove Alison has disagreements with bullies who attack her on Twitter?

Read it. Storify is public. Though it does have Terms and Conditions, and of course defamatory comments made by the person curating can be legally challenged.

Picture? As in you using copyright pic and shitstirring? (I could publish all your anti-Muslim hate tweets... but you are proud of those I bet. Your pal Ambrosine Shitrit at @YadBYadUK is a pal of Pam Geller isn't she?)

But hey Andrea...

If you don't want anyone to read your Storifies why publish them? It's a public platform. A minute? Another lie to add to the collection?

It's all public isn't it?

As are tweets... and blogs ...  public Facebook Pages...  Google + ... public platforms. Reading them and commenting (as long as it isn't lies... that tends to be your speciality...)  isn't legally defined as stalking.  Don't want it read, don't publish.

So, collecting all these tweets, are you admitting you are "stalking"? Looks like it.

Possibly because you harass and intimidate people, you lie, and the CPS knows you would have no case?  Police have better things to do than waste time on your victim playing?  Police know the law better than you do?

Perhaps you make Alison feel "special" with your non stop reading and collecting all her tweets? :0)

No-one is forcing you. No-one is sending anything to you. If you wish to read blogs and Storifies and tweets, that's your choice.

Just don't whine when you find people find you repellent,  and say so.





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