Monday, 8 September 2014

Travel broadens the mind? Happy holidays!

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Andrea has taken to bleating away on her Appnet account again, along with Storify. Too much of a coward to risk Twitter mentions Andrea?

Well, I do have a collection of URLS I could report... :0) and you already had a Twitter warning for abuse?

Here's that post in full:

But your claimed holiday "in my neck of the woods" (though you didn't get the county right) was all a lie wasn't it?

And no sweetie, I didn't whine, I laughed at you. And I'm still laughing... "victim"? Oh my sides. Poor poor lickle Andrea!

Pity you didn't follow through, the midges would have had plenty to get their teeth into! Golly, yes, boy would have loved it... one village shop, one pub and a railway station with a handful of trains daily.  What every small child desires in a holiday! Buses too, if you don't mind the fact they run once an hour and stop in the evening.

Rural life.

As for your pal Vicky, see this blog passim (suspended on her main Twitter again I see, for abuse, so tweeting with her spare) I read and re-read what I said, but can see no threat at all, veiled or not. Making it up again, Andrea Lying Toad?

Unlike Vicky, whose tweet you also had in that screenshot but appear to have not read? She's been making threats to make "visits" and being abusive for months, telling porkies about me and others. Yes, she's been reported to police for it all. Yes I have a ref number.

She loves winding up her pals by lying doesn't she? No wonder you two get along so well...

Nah, the rumour she shagged Tommy Robinson in a toilet wasn't begun by me on this blog.   Another lie. First time I've posted these shots:

Though she's a huge Tommy fangirl still (yes what politics really needs is Muslim hater Tommy/ Stephen Yaxley Lennon, former leader of the thugs of the EDL and many times convicted criminal? Doh!)

And Jewish girls? Really? Mostly it's about Andrea, her pal Sheryl McNaught, neither of whom are Jewish, and Ambrosine Shitrit / Chetrit who is, though hardly can be described as a "girl". But truth and Vicky... strangers. Nice pals though, hey?

Deal with it? By lying, making threats and winding up people to say I need a screwdriver in the head?

Coventry by the way is a city,  not a town, it has a wonderful cathedral, designed by Basil Spence. It also, as I said, has a very good motor museum. Time I visited again, but certainly not to meet Vicky. Yeeeeew.

 Have a nice day now! Don't foam too much!




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