Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ambrosine Shitrit lies again?

Poor Ambrosine. Her suspension on so many Twitter accounts still hasn't stopped her, she's still tweeting her obsession, rubbish and lies on her so called 'org' Yad account. This pinged in to my Nem email notifications Thursday:

And guess who favorited this pile of bullshit! Yes of course, Andrea. Same Andrea who lied about me to Twitter I gather, and lied CID had been involved in my Twitter suspension?

Just like she lied about Alison Chabloz and her @Alixir13 Twitter account?

Malicious trollops? Mirror mirror Andrea?

Well I've passed this spam arriving in my Nem inbox to police Ambro, just to have on record along with so many of your lies.  Still great pals with EDL / UKIP George I see?

History of harassment with warnings eh Ambrosine? Warnings from who? It's news to me, still living in lala land are you?

I wrote this in March 2013. Not a great deal has changed, both of you are still lying.

I recall your lies that I had had a police caution too. In fact, I reported to Twitter around 20 spam tweets from you to me saying the same and that's when your @Mrs_Shitrit was  suspended. So many other accounts suspended before then also (pretending to be me, remember?) and since... both as yourself and fake accounts made to harass and bully others, especially me?  It's all documented in this blog.

I see your @SallyBellaMomma is still on Twitter.

 Do you never feel silly? It's juvenile and embarrassing stuff.

Ah yes...  @EDLNewsxxtra  which became @_Newsxxtra  (alternative account to Andrea's suspended pet troll account @_Newsextra) then@VDissidentZ? See this blog for several posts on that troll too!

The account which claimed this about me, the TellMAMAUK org and police:

Not so much James Bond as Basildon Bond? ;0)

Of course accounts were shared and swapped names too. Bizarre trolling.

And for Andrea, I've also 'had a word'  again with police that you lied they had 'had a word' with me, as claimed on your really very silly blog. Nope, I had a word with them about you. Yep, I called CID. CID confirmed your complaints had been investigated and found to be bullshit.  They also confirmed they had not been in any sort of contact with Twitter as you claimed? Stalker. You really are ridiculous!

More lies, Toad.




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