Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Off with their...

Oh whoops, off she goes again, see this blog passim, Ambrosine Shitrit suspended on yet another Twitter, this time @Mrs_A_Shitrit. It took a while for Twitter to catch up, but finally it did. This must be over two score at least now suspended?

Of course she's still using her YabdByAdUK Twitter, which is also suspended on several of its alternative names, as is partner in Yad Sheryl McNaught, again.

Prior to Ambrosine Shitrit's suspension, she was still targeting the TellMAMAUK org and retweeting her pal* Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs blog, a foully hate fuelled defamatory piece about TellMAMA's Director Fiyaz Mughal. Ambrosine of course (along with Sheryl) has carried out a very unpleasant Twitter campaign against TellMAMA, for reasons only she can explain. I have a number of screenshots, using both her own and her fake accounts** to make strange claims which included the allegation TM was trying to close down Twitter accounts of pro-Israeli tweeters.

TellMAMA on Ambrosine Shitrit:


However, isn't that the purpose of Ambrosine Shitrit's (Chetrit) Yad org? It tries to have Twitter accounts of those which with it disagrees mass reported and suspended?

**Stuff like this also? Yes suspended.

Andrea da Silva Goncalves also had a spate of tweeting BS about TM:


As to Geller's blog and Ambro's tweet: link to what was actually said, and the context, presumably Ambrosine didn't read the original:


Of course, a great deal of Pam Geller's blog "makes things up". That included calling Mr Mughal OBE an "Islamic Supremacist" in the blog title, and repeating a scurrilous rubbish about him.

Geller of course was greatly admired by and cited as an influence on mass killer Anders Breivik, and there were claims she had some prior knowledge of his intentions.

Geller is also banned from the UK,  the ban came just prior to a visit with her fellow anti-Muslim loon Robert Spencer in order to whip up anti-Muslim frenzy at an English Defence League rally, alongside its leader Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon.

Beheadings? A recent convert?


Leonelli had been an atheist when the pair worked together in the IT sector a decade ago, although had recently discovered his Jewish heritage and immersed himself in religious texts.
“He started to study the Torah, the Talmud and once he stopped to speak about the Old Testament with me.
And Ambrosine Shitrit and Andrea da Silva Goncalves would have been raving about it on Twitter no doubt, had the man been a Muslim convert.  As it is...  


Rather like the silence when their good pal George Milnes was reported to them for this?

Well, not quite silent, after I had published that in a blog eventually Yad nicked my shot and tweeted... it was all just "silly behaviour"?

More on issues raised here in this blog:


That includes information on  Ambrosine and Andrea's Twitter pal @WeAreTheBrits / @WeAreTheBritish,  neo nazi White Supremacist Hitler admirer, who threatened to behead Muslims in Birmingham and pour petrol down their throats?

As was said as a comment on Andrea's blogs, though she didn't respond appropriately either:

Oh how she must miss her pal WATB!

Nilstar of course is another "Yad" associate and so called staff member, ex porn star Nilli Willis of the pottymouth:


Ambro is now using her Yad account to make snide comments, she just can't help herself:

Would that "so-called Jewish charity" she is being scathing about be the CST by any chance? Is the Muslim org TellMAMA (though it isn't a Muslim org, it's an org which records and tries to combat anti-Muslim hate crime)? I think that CST is wise to her and Yad?  CST is the officially recognised organisation for monitoring anti-Semitic hate crime. What amazing work is Ambro doing?  Spreading anti-Muslim hate blogs?

Remember, discrediting is the name of the game! Yes, truth outs.

Ugh.   Proof Ambrosine??

Oh look, threats from Yad pal?  Of course Andrea and her pal  are involved also!

The pal she used to stir up trouble with Alison's former employer?

Well, if this is true, will neo-nazi WeAreTheBrits' dear pal Ambrosine shop him to the cops, who want a word?

White supremacism Ambro? Bit nazi isn't it?

*More on Ambro and Pam Geller here:


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